Situation in Canada peaceful as students too on job but how BJP eye votes even from this know now

Situation in Canada peaceful as students too on job but how BJP eye votes even from this know now

BJP workers on a spree of targeting Justin Trudeau and Canada. The latter seems to have told whatever he thought to protect citizens of Canada. Since the Sikh community in Canada are just everywhere working in top to bottom positions. A large number Sikhs every year migrate to Canada and they enjoy that life. The situation in Canada peaceful. Students studying and working and the life is back to normal and was also normal even 2 days ago. However, media and BJP workers creating lot of panic. But the Indian diaspora have no worries, which would be the least to say.

The BJP workers or the IT cell of BJP knows that here’s something to cash-in. Words of abuse going on in the social media on Justin Trudeau, who still doubts India did kill Nijjar. However, many would say why can’t India take action on Canada if that is the case and Nijjar was a terrorist. All eyes on elections from BJP’s side and they’re greedy, corrupt and opportunists to grab attention.

The camera uncle is presented as if he’s the Vishwa-Guru (World Leader). It’s good if India would be the supreme power (Vishwa-Guru) in the World, but no good books have the name of this camera uncle. Also, how things currently going on by taking advantage of whatever situation comes their way, the BJP IT cell is active. They mock and they surrender later. The camera uncle would be looking towards some poets to write for him some speeches.

The game is over by now and the situation in Canada peaceful and calm. People are busy looking forward to their normal daily routine. It’s just a doubt, but how India reacted as if they did so and so to kill Nijjar. Moreover, had they did, it would have been gold for BJP to say, they killed a terrorist. However, they know they kill innocents and poor people.

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They put in jail good people and release the rapists and murderers. This way, Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau was obsessed to teach BJP and RSS’s terrorist orgs, a lesson. He did said few words, which were to be not spoken. However, it was something, which was to hurt BJP. But not the Indian diaspora.

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