0 To Hero Haris Rauf remembered back to his old days by fans to show him know now

0 To Hero Haris Rauf remembered back to his old days by fans to show him know now

0 to hero to name a few are right from 0 to hero Hardik Pandya, Jasprit Bumrah, Mohammed Siraj and so on. But 0 to hero Haris Rauf is some story. He had a very poor life even in his twenties. The home, having three rooms along with his 3 paternal uncles living along with his parents. His father had to give them all one room after another, and then Haris Rauf and his parents along with his sibling’ have to reach out to the kitchen to sleep and stay there. This was so because one uncle after another got married. His father have to move, the family to the kitchen in the end.

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Haris Rauf played exceptionally well in the T20 match against England. His bowling skills were on full display as he took crucial wickets and bowled with great accuracy. The entire crowd was in awe of his talent and the way he effortlessly outfoxed the batsmen.

His raw pace and ability to generate bounce from the pitch made him a formidable opponent for the English batsmen. With his aggressive approach, he put the opposition under constant pressure and didn’t give them any room to settle. Rauf’s energy and enthusiasm were contagious, and it motivated the entire team to raise their performance.

Not only did Rauf excel in bowling, but he also showcased his batting skills towards the end of the match. A quickfire innings added valuable runs to the team’s total, ensuring a challenging target for the opposition.

After the match, Haris Rauf was rightly hailed as the hero of the game. His remarkable performance garnered praise from cricket enthusiasts and experts alike. It was a proud moment for him and a testament to his dedication and hard work.

In conclusion, Haris Rauf’s outstanding performance in the T20 match against England demonstrated his immense talent and potential. He proved to be a match-winner for his team, leaving a lasting impact on the game. We can expect great things from this talented cricketer in the future as he continues to dazzle on the field.

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