Psychiatric patients hurt how when and why know now

Psychiatric patients hurt how when and why know now

Psychiatric patients hurt when things look unpleasant

Like diabetic patients who on medication have restrictions to consume sweets. Cancer, kidney, or the patients on medication are similar to psychiatric patients even on medication. Any patient on medication should be considered to have some restrictions. However, psychiatric patients do have restrictions, but from the other end. Know now!.

Let’s know the psychiatrists’ business deal

First know, how psychiatrists deal with patients and keep doing their own experiments? Psychiatrists are too clever because if they do earn, they earn just because of word of mouth. But if they want to earn more, they do experiments. This is so because word of mouth takes a longtime for them to earn more and more.

So, they keep inviting the psychiatric patients every month and do experiments upon. Nobody likes to suggest a psychiatrist to others, thinking to not reveal psychiatric problems even if solved nicely for one of their family members.

Meanwhile, the greedy psychiatrists prescribe medicines in such a way that their patients should evidently know that the prescribed medicines causing some problems. Due to some side-effects like dry-mouth, urinal problem, loss of apetite, headache, etc., they won’t wait for a month, they visit the psychiatrists within a week or two. By carrying with them their so called problems, they visit psychiatrists frequently, which would be highly expected, and by the psychiatrists. So, some of the psychiatrists make money this way by such means.

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You visit a psychiatrist if you’ve depression or you would be sufferring from schezophrenia or any other mental illness. Mental health is so much talked about these days, but still it’s a taboo. “Dealing with mental illness is a sensitive issue”. The solution is available for you to cope with. Let’s know further about how psychiatric patients suffer, and beyond.

How psychiatric patients suffer

If you’re taking care of a diabetic patient by not forcibly making him or her consume sweets, then you shouldn’t also do so for the psychiatric patients. Here, it means, a patient is a patient and if you won’t bother to be kind with any patient, it’s fine do whatever you like. But look in the same way to each and everyone, and know about how, when and why psychiatric patients hurt. If in your family of 6-7 members for example, you know someone is having cancer, you’ll be kind to him or her or not, it’s your wish.

You would not let the cancer patient to suffer more. Also do not let suffer the mental health patients or psychiatric patients.

Simply by not ignoring frequently the ones who suffer due to mental illness and are on medication, you’re fine. What they need, are the kind words. They need your attention just like your kind words and your attention to someone else from your family of 6-7 as mentioned.

Three people walking through and discussing something or the other. The one who is quite and listens to the two, isn’t necessarily a psychiatric patient. But here the two friends keep on their conversation on! without bothering about their third friend who is simply quite and can’t say a word or two because he or she doesn’t seem to have the knowledge of what’s been discussed. Yet, he or she has been left alone among all three walking through.

You know or not, Know this

Most of us haven’t guided nicely to any psychiatric patient in our lives so far. So, let’s know how to deal with. The psychiatric patients are truly hardworking, truly creative, and talented, mostly. They have gone through a lot of sufferings than anyone or than any other patient. Even with medication or without medication, they endured lot of pain, which you won’t imagine of, to go through such sufferings.

Most of them have no fear of death. They want to live peacefully. But some people harass them or torture them a lot, which is highly objectionable. Would you like to be a mental health patient rather than a cancer patient? The answer simply would be a Big NO. Do you know how psychiatric patients suffer. Why they suffer and when?

These patients suffer when they’re isolated. When they’re not treated equally. When they’re treated as most special person. They want to live a normal life by not bothering anyone more than what’s required.

They want to know what they say needs to be listened by all, who are present in the group discussion. Simply mocking at them and preferring to appreciate some others for the same cause would be not helpful to them. This is how they suffer. They suffer because you or no one understands what they would like. What they would not like.

Psychiatric patients: The good bottom lines

These psychiatric patients have the ability to do and they keep doing, but what would they do and become highly successful. They become highly successful in their lives because of the cooperation, appreciation, encouragement or simply through the way they walk, no one comes in, as a hurdle.

You would not imagine why they suffer because they would suffer or they won’t. It’s in their hands after all to get their life keep going.

You, just do not mess with them or criticize them for their no fault. Be kind to them, and do not just make fun of them. They choose the best way to live and so they live happily for the life is just not for you alone. For others too. Live and let others live.

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