4 Good Acts People Will Not Notice You Gain

4 Good Acts People Will Not Notice You Gain

There are probably, 4 good acts people more likely will not notice with these acts you gain a lot. Let’s focus on our actions, our good manners, etiquette, behaviors, and so on, to begin with. To know all these 4 good acts, etiquette is something, which looks pleasing and brings more people closer to you. But most people will not notice because they carry their etiquette, and so the common thoughts do not argue. Here’s how AI says about etiquette:

First of the four good acts

It’s obvious that some people would be so kind to strangers and friends that they won’t be so to their relatives. However, friendship also brings backbiting in. This is so because you in a group or a friend circle know different types of friends. One or two would be closer to you and the rest of the 4 to 5 friends would be not.

On the other hand when you come to common terms with 4-5 friends in your circle, you all would chat by distinguishing the other 1 or 2 friends. You all won’t part-ways with those 1 or 2, instead you all keep relations with them 1 or 2, for fun. So, you all 4-5 friends would mock from behind to those 1 or 2. This is backbiting, which not everyone likes. But will not notice and the ones, who do not do backbiting also will not be noticed. Staying away from backbiting is just one of the 4 good acts, and so it is very bad to backbite.

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You won’t be delighted and happy, everytime with nothing to backbite. However, this is a first good act, which helps your mental strength and makes you a good thinker. Every good thinker, is a kind and generous person, and he or she do things without bothering about what people say or notice. These people do good on a daily basis and end their days on a high and sleep happily without being guilty of anything, they did the whole day.

There will be nothing for them to be guilty of, other than by showing anger, ignoring someone, misguiding someone (although unintentionally), etc. This way, there will be nothing more for grief. They live in peace by their good character without negative thoughts.

2 of 4 good acts

Some people won’t complain about their colleague or colleagues to their boss. It’s good to not complain if you could cope with, and for whatever big mistake your collegue or collegues do. If the boss forgives the person or persons even though you registered a complaint for their mistake, it’s you, who would be in sometime do so, and you would be in deep trouble.

People will not notice whether you know someone did wrong, not even your boss. But you did this good act by not bothering about, and minded your own business. You still don’t care and would carry on with your own duty, which is what required by the employer from you. No one would notice even if the goodness in you did so to not complain. Still you would be, be yourself to see the good in others, and not the bad.


According to an unconfirmed survey, which still not complete. But if you would believe, it’s about 18% of women and girls who stay away from men or boys due to religious restrictions or some other reason. They get married and live a happy life without going in extra-marital affair because they’re brought up this way, which people won’t notice.

It’s good for boys, men, girls, women to avoid pre-marriage physical-relations. But some people won’t mind, doing physical acts without getting married. Also, to keep physical-relations with others, other than their spouse, would not bother some people. Marriage is one such act, which needs trust to live happily together. However, it’s again the wish of the couple to do or allow what and what not by just keeping somewhat good relations.

It takes a lot or little to ignore others, and this makes sense because your spouse then would become special for you. The chaste, are so special, people will not notice, and the chaste would gain. Every small or big sacrifice comes with lot of gains.

The last one of the 4 good acts

Speaking truth: Even if you’re truthful, and always try to speak the truth, people will not notice. It’s good to be in a loss by speaking truth. In other words, a loss by speaking truth is good for you. You would gain a lot, but some people would not believe you, and others would not notice that you speak the truth. It’s human to trust or not, what was told.

Everyone would deliver or some people would deliver their opinions with some research to prove you wrong. But you gain a lot by speaking the truth. Find this last one of the 4 good acts, which will not be noticed. Also you do your own research if you can, and prove something wrong or something right. It’s up to you to be truthful even if you lose. This is so because, with your loss by speaking truth, you gain. You’ll come to know this later.

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