Congress to form govt in Telangana to maintain serenity

Congress to form govt in Telangana to maintain serenity

Good going for congress since Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra. All maintream Telugu TV channels did some survey to claim Congress to form govt in Telangana. Wait for Dec 3, they say. It’s again the divide of votes between no two parties to hurt what the majority of voters want. It means, there will be no divide of votes again in Telangana. But BRS (formerly TRS) is just close enough to compete and still some little time left for the polling.

On that day, voters would change their minds. However, Rahul Gandhi recently made some big promises for the people of Telangana State.

New voters or young voters would be preferring to vote for Congress. The majority supporters of BJP and AIMIM still won’t be deterred anymore. AIMIM would be in the same position, and likely to retain their position. On the other side, BJP is no longer could even cross 5 seats, it was told here below:

Congress to form govt, Rahul Gandhi, BRS, BJP, AIMIM

Congress analyst and supporter’s post (Sic): As per the mainstream Telugu channels, these are their predictions for Telangana elections. SAVE IT for 3rd Dec.

TV9: Congress lead

NTV: Congress lead

TV5: Congress lead

Sakshi: Congress lead

BIG TV: Congress lead

Swatantra – Congress lead

ABN: Congress wave

ETV: Tough fight

V6: Tough fight

Raj News – HUNG

Meanwhile, the BJP led by Panauti is not crossing 5 seats in any surveys or analysis done by all these channels. INC under Rahul Gandhi is marching ahead for the brute majority and BRS is melting down each passing day.

This victory will be the biggest thing for Congress in the last one decade. Unreal & Unprecedented comeback.

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