Tobacco Causes Painful Death Is Not So 

Tobacco Causes Painful Death Is Not So 

Health is what, we need to focus on. Death is in any circumstance is painful and tobacco in any form is harmful. So, when it says, tobacco causes painful death it means as a statutory warning. Death is inevitable and every soul shall taste death. You’ve so many things to do everyday, right from waking up to try hard or tired enough to sleep. 

Many would say, don’t smoke, it’s harmful and would kill you. No, it’s harmful enough to make you suffer a lot. It’s painful for you to note that tobacco in any form is injurious to health. This means, you suffer from several diseases, cancer or heartattacks, but this doesn’t mean you’ll die. You won’t die because it’s not that tobacco causes painful death or tobacco causes death. No, tobacco causes diseases and also some kind of waste of time to some notable pleasure.

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The pleasure of tobacco allowes you to have it again and again, with or without the urge or habit of it. Sometimes people would like to smoke or have tobacco in any form to enjoy. But there are many people who take tobacco on regular basis and according to their requirements. The requirements are the fulfilling of their hunger for tobacco. If they won’t able to have tobacco for a longtime time, they feel not so normal, they feel urgency and annoyed in between.

Tobacco Causes Health Issues

The annoyance of them keeps others irritated because they also become restless. Their restlessness causes them to be desperate and this way, they won’t quit. There are many problems, which you would notice by having tobacco in any form. But if you quit, you’re able to do things and get along well with every moment in your life to be free from certain diseases. But not death.

Death can come in anyway and you would die in any which way. However, it’s better to say, tobacco causes issues, which might be health to several other major issues. Some would say, one would gain more and lose less. Means, with tobacco habit, there will be less loss and more gain. This is how, they think and live their lives by wasting time by some health issues while they die not because of tobacco.

They become sick, ill, and weak or strong, it depends upon how they take life of tobacco. Finally, it’s better to stay away from tobacco rather than keep thinking to avoid it because to live longer. One can live that much life, which he or she deserves. Life is short for some, shorter for few, shortest for many, and longer for most of the people. This means, life has an expiry date. When you die, what others would say, he or she expired. Right ? 

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