Pains Teach You What Good Should You Do 

Pains Teach You What Good Should You Do 

The pains or your painfulnes when you’re hurt would not go waste. You should be strong enough to deal with what should you do, to learn more. Learning just comes your way, if you keep patience. Also, listen to others first and understand to react or ignore. Ignore to say anything even if it’s possible that, that was not your mistake. If people won’t listen you, or angry with you, don’t react immediately and feel the pains, which are nothing, but feelings. Feelings include joyfulness, sorrow, sadness, and so on. These pains teach you the better way to be a good person if you keep patience at the same time.

Hurt or troubled by some arrogant people, who would be happy upon mocking at you or showing all around that you’re wrong, doesn’t matter. Many would know later, that you wouldn’t be that type of person as you look or understood. Every other passing day, or passing hour is a learning experience. Bear in mind, or endure by heart when you’re hurt for sometime, and then it means you should forgive others for your own good. Forgiveness is a part of life and revenge is not at all. What would you gain by revenge?.  

Human beings in this world are here to learn and understand. Leave every little or the highest of verbal attack on you by arrogant people until someone attacks you physically. This means, people by word of mouth can’t hurt you anymore if you ignore that pain by keeping patience, everytime. Nobody would keep on targeting you if you allow yourself to be consistent with your patience. The pains in your life are part of your learning curve. Pains teach you a lot if not, you would suffer a lot, and become a victim of depression. 

Things are there to mind are, when food is served to you, and with abuse, don’t eat. Leave the table. Secondly, if someone wants to help you and would also becomes your boss, and commands you, then stop taking help from that person. This is so because an employer might be your boss, and in return you work for the growth of the company. The boss of the company is your employer and you should listen to him or her rather than your friend or relative becoming your boss after helping you. 

So, thirdly or finally, don’t let anyone to dictate you, and just nobody should dominate you. Do your work and keep doing. Learn the way how to deal with people whether of your similar thoughts or opposite. Often educated and polite people become victims of abuse by the uneducated lot. Don’t mind here. If you mind or hurt, you’re just making that uneducated person more special. Every person is special, whether educated, uneducated. But there should be some reason to mock at you or abuse you. You won’t notice, where you went wrong, but by keeping patience, you’ll be strong and a very good learner.

It’s not a cricket match or football match, where your team ends up losing the game if mistakes go along with by your side. There will be some chance to comeback in the game, but this happens not frequently. On the other hand, in life if you make mistakes, you learn a lot. So, pains teach you this way even if people try to abuse you or mock at you. Leave that place, where there is all negativity about you. Still keep patience so that you would have last laugh.

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