See You To See The World To Know More

See You To See The World To Know More

Happens to be the most spectacular thought, which would be not just to see you to see the World. It’s all about how folks deal with each other, and in different ways with different people. One would say, “come on, you visit him or her frequently, but would not like to visit me”. “Time will come for people to visit you when you would fall severely sick, and bedridden, would be a bad reply”. So, what? 

There might be several factors to see you to see the world. You might be so desperate to see the guests coming your home with a likelihood matching some mentally ill persons, to whom people often ignore. Why would these words so offensive? This is so because one would be so good, and would be so humble that which keeps people to ignore him or her. 

Your attitude matters a lot. People, who reply “I know” when complemented or told by the words “you look so handsome or so beautiful”, are the ones, these days, so much to gain. You won’t gain any attention or nothing if you’re over humble. Just follow the middle way, be not so rude that people fear you or so humble that people would eat you. Don’t ever react to why people eat you rather than eat anything at your home? 

See You To See More

See you later, often misunderstood. It’s like people want to meet you again, but not always. Just be open minded listen to people, other than speaking too much. Things, which go up by your hands would not come down by your hands. Things go up and fall, so every rise has a fall. Love ❤️ every human being and be glad to meet everyone, and do not be passionate about these things. Be just what you are and see the world to notice how could you be just yourself.

No matter what people think about you. Don’t worry and be what you were to be what you are. It’s like what you were, you were, and what you are, are you not? Yes, you are what you are and you were what you were. That’s so easy to live the life so light that no one would remember you, but would not like to meet you. They would see you to see things are calm or normal with you other than troubling you.

The “troubling you” is a common thought, which keeps people away from you while they even once noticed that you were busy at that time. “How could they trouble the “over humble” people like you again when the same thought comes to their mind that if you would be busy again and so?

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People won’t visit you just because they won’t like to trouble you. This way, be not judgemental. Never judge anyone, who says to do this or that which you know already to do, this and that. Just appreciate and say, and say, “Yesss, how do you know? I like the same. Your choice and my choice are similar”.


There are hundreds of articles here for you like this as a continuation to read. Just search with your choicest words. Let me stop here. You do search for more content like this. Come again.
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