AIMIM supporters not growing although BJP touches Hyderabad to lose Know Now

AIMIM supporters not growing although BJP touches Hyderabad to lose Know Now

Despite the political fluctuation in other regions, the All India Majlis-E-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) hasn’t reported significant growth in support, contrasting sharply with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s burgeoning influence in Hyderabad. This development cues a pivotal shift in voter sentiment and demography in a city known for its historically diverse political landscape. Know how, AIMIM supporters not growing.

As the BJP makes inroads into areas previously dominated by the AIMIM, political analysts are closely watching how these changes could influence upcoming elections. The strategic efforts and campaigns by the BJP appear to resonate well with certain segments of Hyderabad’s population, perhaps reflecting wider national trends or local developmental promises. On the other hand, AIMIM’s consistent but static support base could be indicative of numerous factors including voter satisfaction with local leadership or political loyalty, which seems unshaken by BJP’s aggressive campaigning.

AIMIM supporters not growing vs BJP’s Madhavi Latha

While Asaduddin Owaisi is fully confident that his party AIMIM would stay for a longtime in India, others say it’s time to go. People not just fedup with BJP, but supporters of Owaisi have to grow in leaps and bounds in a few days, which remain in hand before polling. Madhavi Latha is a strange character as she calls herself not a lady to fight elections by the name Narendra Modi to appreciate the PM, but not the party (BJP). All the voters in Hyderabad taking things for granted, but oppositely Madhavi would fail in politics too, to no worries although AIMIM supporters not growing.

It’s not due to negative publicity of AIMIM on large scale, but it’s very unlikely that Madhavi would replace Owaisi. Interestingly, the good for Hyderabad would be AIMIM than BJP. It’s then calculated upon a virtual study that Asaduddin Owaisi would defeat Madhavi Latha by a very big margin.

However, this emerging dynamic in Hyderabad’s political scene is likely to not only redefine local politics but also could have broader implications on state and national levels, especially in shaping alliances and policies. The coming few days will be crucial for BJP in Hyderabad to strategize and possibly recalibrate their outreach and policies, in order to regain their influence and possibly gain new ground. Defeating Owaisi by Latha for BJP is just something to cherish since the BJP’s divide and rule policy failed so far. Also, it’s not just about AIMIM supporters not growing, but to conclude it’s Owaisi’s big win very near to retain his position.

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