Narendra Modi Laying Eggs without a nest here’s how

Narendra Modi Laying Eggs without a nest here’s how

The phrase: Narendra Modi Laying Eggs without a nest, is a metaphorical expression in political commentary, say some political analysts. This could suggest actions or statements made without proper foundations or preparations. This is similar to how it would be impractical for a bird to lay eggs without first having a nest. An allegorical way to criticize someone for making claims or promises without having the necessary support or proof, much like attempting something obviously futile.

Accompanying this, “here’s how means he keeps saying lies without proofs” elaborates on the metaphor, indicating that the individual continually makes false statements or claims without providing evidence to back them up.

This is likened to someone who repeatedly makes mistakes or poor decisions, hurting themselves in the process, described vividly as “hitting a hammer on his feet”. This expression conveys self-sabotage or self-inflicted problems, stemming from unprepared or unsubstantiated actions.

While Rahul Gandhi seems to have absorbed a significant amount of knowledge and skill in a relatively short span, Narendra Modi appears to continue incurring errors despite possessing more than two decades of political experience. This contrast in political trajectory is intriguing and highlights different aspects of political expertise and learning curves.

Rahul Gandhi’s apparent rapid learning might indicate a fresh perspective or adaptability, which could be seen as a response to the dynamic and often unpredictable nature of Indian politics. On the other hand, Narendra Modi’s experience, despite the mistakes, adds a layer of resilience and endurance. It suggests a long-term engagement with complex governance issues, where sometimes persistent challenges lead to perceived errors.

Both leaders represent different narratives in the political spectrum of India, embodying lessons in leadership styles and decision-making processes. Narendra Modi speaking all lies one after the other while Rahul Gandhi haven’t need to say anything than speaking to solve issues and problems that people of India currently and in trouble since 2014. The demonetization, the “Gabbar Singh Tax” (GST), and false promises were in anyway could be forgotten. Here, Narendra Modi laying eggs of lies without a nest.

The nest of elections needs to be built, but not for lies. Modi is doing all wrong and is living on dreams to become arrogant, corrupt and a bold liar. This way, he’s falling down, not just as a loser. But in fact as a joker. It means he’s exposing his party members and particularly himself as a big liar. However, still then BJP wins and Narendra Modi becomes the Prime Minister of India yet again, it’s nothing but a corrupt India, people would see from across the world too. People of India would suffer more and more, and no respite at all.

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