Katrina Kaif Was Not The Last One Says Salman Khan Then Who

Katrina Kaif Was Not The Last One Says Salman Khan Then Who

Once Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan was asked why his son did not get married?. Salim Khan humorously replied: “In the night once in a while I sit with him, and while drinking, he use to say, I will get married, yes, yes, and so on. But in the morning and in the day time he forgets what he use to say about his marriage plan. However, when Salman Khan directly asked the same question, he said: “Katrina Kaif was not the last one as there were too many after my relationship ended by her.

What was the problem, and why didn’t you got married? He said, “I tried my best, but sometimes it looked as it was a bit of my fault and more of the relationships’ with one after the other. Marriage is good, but I’m not a good fit for that”. Said Salman Khan. He continued saying about friendship as a relationship, which could easily turn in to marriage for others, but that is not easy for him.

“When someone told me that I was completely wrong and then I realized that indeed I was 100% wrong, and so I decided to not marry. But still I’m looking forward to tie a knot with someone from anywhere”. Salman Khan disclosed.

He also suggested that Katrina Kaif was not his last one as a girlfriend, and she’s married to someone else now. So, let’s leave her and many others like her who got married too, to live their choice of lives. May they be happy as long as they live”. Salman Khan concludes.

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