Speaking Truth Always No Ordinary Human Mind Is Set For

Speaking Truth Always No Ordinary Human Mind Is Set For

Speaking Truth Always No Ordinary Human Mind Is Set?

Can’t you consider yourself to be truthful?. At least if you’re truthful to yourself that whatever you know about yourself, is what you might hide or conceal and sometimes reveal. Pressure and lack of concern by the people around you could not stop you. And you’ll prepare yourself to say that you did so and so. Here, you might be wrong and just blame others for their no fault except that they don’t want to bother you or disturb you. Also that you want to gain something out of nothing while you might be comfortable doing all good.

Yet you prefer to position yourself by saying you’re working on a tough task, which might be assigned to you or not. You’re a human, and it’s not so common that speaking truth always is tough. This isn’t. You try hard and you’ll be fortunate enough and enjoy speaking truth always, which is what a good human-being would do. You might be wondering why this conversation between a reader and an author going on here? No, by using ‘you’, I’m discussing the right way of consideration, which says, ‘a loss by speaking truth is good for you rather than a profit by speaking a lie’.

Don’t worry

Don’t worry whenever I use the word ‘you’. It’s not for everyone like you, who by speaking truth always are comfortable. Everything people do to satisfy their wants or desires. They know this way, their goals would be reached or this way they could make someone happy. But they don’t care those people and keep on ignoring those people simply because they’re so judgemental to see those people from a magnifying glass. If those people commit minor mistakes they magnify, which means the minor mistakes would be major to ‘them’ not to those people as discussed.

What if you’ll be rewarded in this temporary world by speaking lies? Your rewards would vanish when you die, living a temporary life of this world. You won’t be rewarded with the very best, which you can’t even imagine (in the life after death) and in fact you’ll be punished severely, which also you couldn’t imagine.

Anyone there to help you to support you when you die as a liar. No, no-one could take you away since the Almighty, the Creator knows that you’re a disobeying person. You failed to believe in the messengers, and did not follow the teachings of the last and final messenger sent by your Lord.

Speaking truth always: The bottom line

You didn’t read the verses of the book of miracles by speaking truth always. Die as a truthful person, your truthfulness with what is obligatory for you, should do. Your good deeds, would let you to be rewarded with the very best in the life after your death. So, think and decide to speak truth always and commit no sins. If you stop speaking lies, you would not even come closer to any sin to commit that whether minor or major. Think and decide, don’t worry for now, keep yourself calm and try to know what way is right for you.

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