Fictional New Story How Old To New Generation Would Be

Fictional New Story How Old To New Generation Would Be

There lived a man by the name Taru in an island. In the early 19th century, his ancestors were the rulers of a small, but one and only crowded area. Besides this area, all places are still empty because of no modern facilities. Taru is responsible to keep all the people together and united. However, a man by the name Abish, started writing something and that his passion to write is just too much and he loves to write more and more. As he grew older to about 25 years of age, he completed his book. A fictional new story book in some longtime of hard-work.

The fictional new story book is of 96000 words and is ready on Oct 10, 2010. He started spreading the word. Every one were thinking too much to buy the book because the price is just too high. Even then they tried hard to manage buying the fictional new story book by contributing each one few dimes.

They all were thinking if at least 10 members contribute few dimes each it’s easier to buy the book and circulate it to read one by one.

The one among the 10 who pays more would be the first one to read the book, and then a bit lesser contributer and the third lesser contributer, and so on.

People were so crazy to buy his fictional new story book. But Taru and whose family’s ancestors already ruled this crowded area of the Island are amused after knowing this. Taru told on the mike to all to listen to him. “If anyone tries to read a word from the book written by Abish, they would look exactly how Abish’s looks.

“What?”. Said someone near to him. He said the book’s date of completion is the issue. Abish completed his book on Oct 10, 2010. This is the issue. “How?”. A voice shouts. Taru replies, “I would let you know later about the problem of looking exactly like Abish, once you read his book”.

Abish hurt a lot by this statement of Taru. He went to everyone’s home and told them. “Don’t listen to Taru, buy the book. Buy the book”, he yelled!

No one listened to Abish. This was so because everyone respect Taru since Taru’s ancestors ruled the people in that area long before. But not that Taru is either a royal personality or a VIP to them. Abish started hunting every where to come across few very old people one by one to help him or provide him a way to convince Taru. No one accepted what Abish told them even by promising a commision to them. However, a boy of age 10, a young and new generation boy, Tirib Tirish told Abish. “What if I help you out in selling the book?. Abish was so tired that he nodded “Yes please”.

The boy asked: “Tell me what is the title of the book?”. Abish replied: “Will the World End In 2031″. The boy, Tirish liked the title so much, and told Abish let’s go and gather people and I would convince them”. All people gathered and Taru was not aware of what happening.

The boy, Tirib Tirish, told the people “I read the title of the book, and so the book looks to me of good knowledge and fiction, together. Will you then listen to me?” He enquired. People replied: “What?”. Tirish told them I read the title, but not a single word, which Taru told everyone to read not a word from Abish’s book. This means you can read a sentence and not a word, you can read a paragraph and not a word, you can read a page, and not a word. Yes, you can read the book, but not a word. See nothing happened to me”.

All the people then convinced by Tirish, and they told we’ve collected the money from 10 people, and so this is the money for you Abish in exchange for the book. Thus, the fictional new story book, titled “Will The World End In 2031” was sold and Abish is happy. He started his writing work, and started writing another fictional new story book. This book might be the part 2. Lets wait and see.

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