When SRK Kissed Gambhir On Forehead To Know Everything

When SRK Kissed Gambhir On Forehead To Know Everything

SRK “Wow”, you would say since SRK is the most popular Bollywood actor. Ever since IPL have come in to existence in 2008, KKR’s win have come after waiting for 10 years. KKR’s prime owner of the franchise, Shah Rukh Khan or SRK was equally happy as all the players, proud of the final victory. The efforts were ruthless. The brutal attack on SRH batters and then on their bowlers was sensational. They defeated SRH in a speculative thrilling final, which turned out as a one-sided contest in the end. When SRK kissed Gambhir on forehead many people took that video and circulated everywhere to make it viral.

In the year 2012, and in 2014 and now in 2024 KKR won three IPL titles.

KKR bowled SRH for a paltry 113 and then chased down the target in just 10.3 overs with 57 balls remaining. That was some win. The win comes to KKR after a gap of 10 years. Gautam Gambhir was the captain of KKR in the initial stage and know he’s contributing with all his experience in cricket as a mentor for KKR. When SRK kissed Gambhir on forehead people did not noticed that Sunil Narine was also adjudged as the player of the tournament. While the player of the final was Mitchell Starc, it was Gambhir whose suggestion comes to light as another feather on the latter’s cap.

It was Gambhir who suggested to play Sunil Narine at the top as an opener. “If he strikes hard and hits runs in quick time then it would be a bonus, and if KKR loses his wicket, then nothing to lose”. That was some suggestion, which almost everytime went in the favor of KKR in this season of 2024. SRK kissed Gambhir on forehead to let Gambhir know that his work as a mentor, so very good. A tremendous job that Gautam Gambhir doing, does and did — As cricket analyst, commentator, mentor or in his days, playing for India and for KKR. Kudos to both SRK and Gambhir.

The fans and the KKR team are happy now and that was some moment to cherish.

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