As Publisher To AdSense Target 3000 Pageviews Per Day Else

As Publisher To AdSense Target 3000 Pageviews Per Day Else

As publisher to AdSense, Google allows you a significant percentage from the earnings. A 68% of earnings would be credited in your account, mostly on a daily basis. So, what if you work hard as a blogger or as publisher to AdSense to know just 40 to 100 pageviews per day? Don’t be disappointed. Writing is not a cup of tea, and whatever comes in your mind if you write that or go for some unique content or topic unnecessarily, isn’t a good job.

You should target for at least 3000 pageviews per day to be a ‘goal set to achieve purpose’ blogger. You would lose interest if your passion to write turns out to earn something more than anyone could expect. While earning motivates writers of websites, it also equalizes them to ‘work hard for nothing’ bloggers’ category.

Keep Writing As Publisher To AdSense

For a time, every blogger goes through the category of ‘work hard for nothing’ type. However, bloggers are passionate to write what benefits their readers, and at the same time they keep patience. You worked harder since few years consistently but giving up or quitting your passion of blogging or as a hobby would be a nothing work. Carry your passion or hobby as long as you can. In any case as publisher to AdSense simply to earn good money, isn’t a good idea. Your goal should be to wait and watch.

Keep writing as long as you’re here to benefit the readers, and not just for you, yourself. This would look foolish to almost everyone that to work for others, not just for you, yourself. The journey is tough. The path to achieve your goals would be easy and would turnout to be a right way if you set a target of at least 3000 pageviews per day.

Why 3000 Pageviews Per Day

You might be a begginer or an experienced blogger and or runs a website on your own by publishing at least 8 to 10 posts daily. In sometime, you would notice that your pageviews improved and are about 200 to 400 per day. This allows you to earn as less as 15 cents everyday on an average.

This would put you in lot of pressure. Also by working from South Asia so much hard, you achieve a goal on an average, to earn 15 cents per day. The drop in the earnings for bloggers is due to ad-blocker software, and many more hurdles. But just don’t quit.

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The bounce-rate changed, but not so poor since it is just 30%, but the page-views and new-visitors are very few, and so the earnings are very less.

Do not quit blogging. Writing is a tough job, and sometimes if you write something differently or go for some unique content or topic unnecessarily isn’t turns out to be a good job.

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Only one post showing up with more than 1000 views. That’s some improvement.

Suppose nearly nobody shows any interest to read your how much an unique content would be, even though Google shows it on the top of the search results. So, if nearly nobody interested in that unique topic which looks to you that you provided an additional knowledge. Also upon which you worked hard, thinking otherwise and somehow managed to write a post of about 400 words. That’s it.

Now Focus

No you need to produce a content as informative as it would be of at least 1200 to 1500 words. This shows you worked hard and did some research.

The wordcount is necessary and you should focus on how you narrate your story to be of information, knowledge and interesting.

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This is also not bad. Once again showing you the overal performance of the top 10 posts, posted recently or longback.

You’re here to know how to earn good money as publisher to AdSense, but you should keep some patience. This allows you to wait and watch as publisher to AdSense and it’s also mentioned already. Comeback. Have a Good Day!

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