Batters Hitting Ball In Air Anywhere In T20 Cricket Benefits

Batters Hitting Ball In Air Anywhere In T20 Cricket Benefits

Batters Hitting Ball In Air

Almost all gaps would be covered as the T20 game proceeds further beyond the powerplay of 6 overs. Between every two fielders, the field is set as, one in the middle, a bit far or in the middle, a bit closer. The field is set accordingly, from where the batter tries to hit in the air. Except that there would generally be two gaps, which would be straight over the bowler, and in the covers. The cover drive whether lofted or ground-shot in between the fielders, surely would benefit the batters to get a boundary to say so.

Batters hitting ball in air are sometimes unfortunate to be caught. But T20 cricket is just like that. Hit or run-hard to make quick-runs. Today’s generation of batters have strong arms, they hit sometimes with short back lift of their bats and sometimes long.

Not surprisingly if running between the wickets is good, fielders seldom worry, but the bowler, who bowls at a right line and length would be annoyed. The bowler then bowls a couple of bad balls out of anger while the fielders feel there would be some runout chances. Thus, batters hitting ball in air works against the fielding side since the captain changes the field time and again. The moves might sometimes turn out to be the fall of the wickets just because of the poor shot selection.

These tactics on the field would in the end, and during the final five overs, would go against the fielding side. Since some runs on the board, say about 120 for the loss of 4 wickets, and 5 overs remain. In these five overs, batters hitting ball in air counts. They hit a long distance and score a handy 60-70 runs in the last five overs. The score overall would be a 180 plus or 190 plus. This way the batting side would be always in the game by what they did. They had put some runs on the board, which would turnout to be a tough target to chase.

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