Subramanian Swamy comes out loud to say Rahul Gandhi as waiter not PM

Subramanian Swamy comes out loud to say Rahul Gandhi as waiter not PM

Only 7 Days / One week left for Rahul Gandhi to become the next Prime Minister of India . Drop a love and Repost if you also support Rahul Gandhi to be the PM of India. This was said accordingly as an exit poll opinion by Ravinder Kapur. Reacting upon this Subramanian Swamy comes out loud to say Rahul Gandhi looks like a waiter.

Sumramanian Swamy comes out to say so is a member of Virat Hindustan Sangam. A former cabinet minister and a six term MP. Works for BJP. He’s also a former professor, studied at Harvard, PhD (Economics).

This guy looks like a waiter. Is he Indian? By saying it loud Subramanian Swamy comes out to say Rahul Gandhi looks like a waiter, in his quote repost on X (formerly Twitter).
Wow! “Looks like a waiter”. That’s seriously a classless comment. Not to mention a classist one by all means, u can have whatever opinions u have on anyone. But try and have some degree of decorum and dare I say, class, on a national stage (sic, but edited). Says, one user in reply to Swamy.

Another posted as a reply, which also supports Rahul Gandhi: “He is not a waiter. But he can afford more than 100 waiter’s like you”. (Sic, edited).

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