Narendra Modi Makes Big Mistake To Be PM

Narendra Modi Makes Big Mistake To Be PM

Narendra Modi Makes Big Mistake

To be PM or Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi joins hands with Chandrababu Naidu and Nitish Kumar. Both leaders are from different parties but are the allies of NDA. The authoritarian is set for his third term as PM and would land in trouble to deal with, and without himself in decision making.

Narendra Modi makes big mistake himself as a big voice of BJP, sidelining others. Not many in the BJP would be happy to see Modi – 3.0. Modi to not lose his position, which he gained, have to be dependent upon others and this would likely to be his last term or within two years, he would resign. Also, just as some face-saving, he did so, and so the big mistake comes in to light.

Modi by creating divide and rule, troubling minority to taking India in poor economic conditions including the rise of poverty and joblessness, ruled as PM for 10 years, and again set for his third term, which would give him five more years to prove what better he can or will do by accepting all his mistakes, and correcting himself to show kindness towards the people and the country of India.

A PM so proud, was he, and have to come down so low to so much, asking desperately to the king-makers to become PM again by fulfilling their demands. These are TDP and JDU leaders who demanded a lot. It looked as if NDA do not want Narendra Modi alone to form his govt as a PM. Naidu, who was secular enough to gain Muslim votes, also demanded in whatever way he could and his demands also fulfilled because of Modi’s hunger to rule India, not for the progress, but for his own authoritarian mindset.

The BJP won 240 out of 543 seats, couldn’t pass the magic number of 272. The ruling party have to depend on the support of key allies, including the Telugu Desam Party in Andhra Pradesh and the Janata Dal (United) in Bihar. From both these parties Modi found king-makers, the likes of Naidu and Kumar.

Narendra Modi makes big mistake himself as a lone voice of BJP. Not many in the BJP would be happy to see Modi – 3.0. He was in the good books of many people in India, and this 2024 election exposed BJP and exposed Modi’s failures. Narendra Modi makes big mistake to not resign. But to save himself and his position. This was already told by Rahul Gandhi, the prominent figure of INDIA (alliance).

Yogendra Yadav who expected BJP to lose, and he was almost right. (Now, Modi would lead for couple of years or more and would resign to feel good, but by that time, he would be in deep trouble or India’s progress. Although having lot of wealth in their bag BJP can do anything to gain more power or start removing the suggested staff by the two king-makers).

On the other hand Prashant Kishor still not in the picture, who told BJP would do even better than 2019.

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