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You did not informed me, Best Lyrics for Summer, Love, Romance, Lover, Inform, I want You, You

You did not informed me

You did not informed me That you ignored me Why would you How could you Why he comes in between us? Why he makes fun of us? You never told me this I want just another kiss What you missed that too And along with him too Come around me Do surround me You did […]

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Allah Meri Hifazat Karna- Best Lyrics type Naat for FREE

Ya Allah Meri Hifazat Karna (Oh God keep me safe) Ya Allah Mere Gunah Maaf Karna (Oh God forgive my sins)   ¬†Dozakh Mein Mujhko Jaana Nahi Hai (I don’t want to go to hell) Azaab e Khabr Mein Rehna Nahi Hai (I don’t want punishment of the grave)   Bhool Kar Bhool Se Jo […]

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Mooskuraata thaa – Hindi Lyrics on Corona Virus – For FREE

Mooskuraata Thaa aur Hastha Gaata thaa (Used to smile and laugh and sing) Corona se pehle Corona se pehle (Before COVID-19 Before COVID-19)   Logon se Milta Thaa aur Ghoom Phirta thaa (Used to meet people and used to do outings) Gaadi Mein Nikalta Thaa aur Family ko Ghumaata thaa (I used to travel in […]

You did not informed me, Best Lyrics for Summer, Love, Romance, Lover, Inform, I want You, You

Best Lyrics for Summer – Lovely Hindi Song for best entertainment

Best Lyrics for summer to relish or rejuvenate your thoughts that this lovely Hindi song can make you feel joyful. Garma hai garma garmi ka mousam chalra (Summer is there and heated season is on) Passeena kitna humko nikalra (Sweat is leaking too much) Garmi Sataari Bardte Hi Jaari (Heat is teasing and increasing) Hawa […]

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Mein Gunaho se door Jana Chahta Hoon – Words of a Good Muslim

Mein Gunaho se door Jana Chahta Hoon (I want to go away from the sins) Apne Rab ki ibadat Karna Chahta Hoon (I want to worship my Allah) Rooh Sorahi meri phir bhi dil dhadakta Yoon (My soul sleeping but my heart is awake) Dil mera chahe ke mein Neikiya Karsakta Hoon (My wants to […]

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Since long time I never met her – Sad Solo Song for FREE – Grab it now

Since long time I never met her   But I don’t want to be unfair to her I know her, I Know her that she’s Away, Away, and Away   Lot’s of thoughts keeping me worried   My dreams no more & my soul buried   I’m no more available in this World   But […]

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My heart will welcome you

Come in my heart & in my dreams I see you in thoughts & in my feelings   You’re so fascinating as I’m obsessed for I admire your love for me addressed for   Each passing day without you Makes me to think about you   Don’t leave me alone Listen to my tone   […]

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Paise – Award winning Lyrics to make money with unique use of words – FREE

Paise ke Liye Kuch Aisa Karo (To make money do something this way)   Aage hi Aage Bardte Raho (Keep moving forward)   Peechche Murdke na Dekha Karo (Never look back)   Zindagi Tareeqe Se Jeete Raho (Live life in a proper way)   Sonch Samajhkar Paise ke liye Kaam Karo (Work for money with […]

Sharafat Ke, Hindi Lyrics, hurt, patience, book, story

Sharafat Ke Liye – Hindi most wanted Lyrics – Grab for FREE

Zara Gumm Hogaye Sharafat Ke Liye! (I’ve lost for the reason of honesty & devotion).   Itna Kuch Kardiya Sharafath Ke Liye! (Done a lot for the reason of being nice).   Angoor Ku Dekha to Maza Aagaya! (After seeing grapes I felt joyful). Uski Maa ko Peekar Nasha Aagaya! (After drinking mother of grapes […]

What loving, family, relationship, Love, togetherness, brothers, sisters

What Loving Family is All About – English Lyrics – Grab it for FREE

What loving family cares about What loving family shares about Things are so pretty There’s no stupidity All along love each other Live life all together Never hurt each other Always love each other No matter what it takes to please They do all that with ease Everything’s so clear So close and so near […]

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Ice like cool English Lyrics For You FREE to Grab Now

Ice like Cool Makes me to Rule Never I can say anything wrong Let me sing this lovely Song You are in my Heart And like a Musical Bard Everything is so nice There’s the Sunrise The Morning tea is not enough Let’s have some more stuff Nothing too much to worry No more words […]

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Thoughts – English Lyrics – Grab for FREE – Sad Solo Special Song

Thoughts are making me feel bad I can’t say what thoughts making feel sad I’m confused as those are so many Why I’m used by people so many? Creating doubts in my mind By keeping such thoughts of all kind Carry on I say to myself Sorry man I say to myself Things are sure […]

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English Lyrics Grab for FREE – Loving Hearts Together Always

Following are the English Lyrics. Just experience a good read or grab it for FREE. Loving hearts together always No matter what the World says   Let’s join hands in hand Let us play in the sand Teach the World to be united For our love has been sighted Sighted to be forever We are […]

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Nudity at your best – Pleasurable English Lyrics – Grab for FREE

Nudity at your best Cant’t be found during rest Feel the way of hotness Steal away the softness Get me your love for the joy Make me the way to enjoy Let’s get joined together For our joint pleasure I can’t wait to see the best Nudity at your best Can’t be found during rest […]

First Sunshine, English Lyrics, Love, Herbal Medicine, Herbs, Forest, Tony, Steam, Liquid, Preparation, Jannat Dekha, Kashmir exposure, India, United Nations, Curfew, Valley, People

First Sunshine of the morning – English loving lyrics – Grab for FREE

First Sunshine of the Morning Get me ready my Darling It’s not at all a Warning Let’s have Sunbath Come on be Fast Curious to know about What is in your thought Wonderful is day Today Come closer don’t you go away Play the tunes to sing a song Be with me and get along […]