Thursday, February 22, 2024
If – A Poem

If – A Poem

If – A Poem

When you think loudly   

You know what's in rudely

All others hearing you  

May you find they bearing you

When they asked you about that  

Don’t get shocked and do not regret 

What happens when you get a shock 

You might think that you may rock

It's your thinking that if you could

And it might be you that if you would

There's loud happening and that's not sound

It's the thing that you cannot find around

All the very good are your such thoughts 

And you care much to fear such thoughts 

If only you think what you want you can get

Then things may not change as such you can set 

It's the beginning of your life

And the searching of your sight 

The far that you can see 

The far that you can be 

Khalid M Raza 

image: Pixabay

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