A View to a Kill – Read Now – Enjoy Reading

A View to a Kill – Read Now – Enjoy Reading

A View to a Kill

Enjoy the Thrill

Takeaway your will

Make the way to fill

Senses gone for all still

Think about the devil

Who can change your will

Be in all the best drizzle

Rains are on like a drill

For both of us there’s a will

No need for you to battle

No hard feelings to hassle

All’s the way for the puzzle

Let alone the devil

Keep away from the evil

Come with me for the thrill

Experience the tussle

Where there’s a will

There’s a way to fill

Go on and make the blood to boil

The anger comes through from the soil

Bury the body after the Kill

A view always to kill

Enjoy the moment of a thrill

A view to a Kill – is just another promising poem, which speaks volumes about action, adventure and many other subjects that matters the most for a ride of joy.

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