Narendra Modi shows andhbhakts to close eyes on BJP violent incidences

Narendra Modi shows andhbhakts to close eyes on BJP violent incidences

Prime Minister of India is still under deep trouble after he did so many crimes since 2002. He enjoyed a lot with free foreign trips since 2014. His role was to visit foreign countries and deal with something that never benefited India but himself. However, Narendra shows his followers (andhbhakts) with his facial expression looks like he’s crying. But, Narendra Modi shows andhbhakts to be blind over the violent incidences in India by closing his eyes with his hands. It looks as if he’s wiping his tears.


Narendra Modi creates biggest dramas to get people’s favor on him. Few months back he was seen collecting garbage and cleaning an area near his room. He also took a video of this activity and uploaded it on Social Media. Narendra Modi failed in this drama because people noticed that he was carrying single use plastic bag. It’s our bad luck that we have such drama maker in our Country as Prime Minister. He was guilty over Gujarat violence in 2002. But he told that he felt bad like a dog coming in front of the car as Muslims suffered a lot in 2002. He’s now the enemy of all Indians and not just of the Muslims. His andhbhakts will follow him even if he makes them to be in deep trouble.


What Narendra Modi Shows & What He’s Up to?

Poverty in India is rising but andhbhakts can’t blame Narendra Modi for this because they believe what he shows them. Further, Narendra Modi shows andhbhakts wrong ways to live and to show blind eyes over violent incidences in India.


People have chosen Narendra Modi twice and that led to increase poverty in India. Time is right now to kick him out from India for his creating of dramas again and again. We shouldn’t be sympathetic over his crying and believe in the facts and not in his dramas.

Khalid M Raza

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