Corona Virus is Global Emergency for Prevention as China blamed

Corona Virus is Global Emergency for Prevention as China blamed

Corona Virus reportedly covering entire World. It’s not just China’s problem as it has Global impact. But Countries like USA issued warning for USA people to refrain from visiting China. Corona Virus affected many businesses and also many Countries including India find the Virus as a deep concern. India’s first victim of the Virus is stable and belongs to Kerala. WHO (World Health Organization) warned against Corona Virus prevention otherwise it will be a major problem like AIDS. So far no vaccine or medicines available to fight against the deadly disease but it’s better to go for prevention.

 Corona Virus already affected 10,000 people around the World

  1. Mainland China 9,692
  2. Thailand 19
  3. Singapore 16
  4. Japan 16
  5. Hong Kong 12
  6. South Korea 11
  7. Taiwan 10
  8. Malaysia 8
  9. Germany 6
  10. France 6
  11. USA 6
  12. United Arab Emirates 4
  13. Canada 3

Many others Countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Finland, Sweden & India registered one case each. Travelling around the World is major concern as foreign trips slashed. Travelers advised by many countries to refrain from visiting Countries affected from this deadly virus. Only on emergency people can travel to China. China’s consumption of snakes, rats and lizards resulted in Corona virus to infect Chinese first.

Later on the Virus affected Singapore as Singaporeans also consume snakes. Saudi Arabia is safe and no cases yet affected the Country.

People needs to wash their hands frequently. They also needs to guide their Children to wash their hands whenever they come back home. Cleanliness maintained will help to keep away from this deadly disease. World needs to take measures over eliminating this disease otherwise it will be too late. It looks like in about couple of months, the virus will affect thousands of people as it’s spreading rapidly.

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