Paise – Award winning Lyrics to make money with unique use of words – FREE

Paise – Award winning Lyrics to make money with unique use of words – FREE

Paise ke Liye Kuch Aisa Karo (To make money do something this way) 

Aage hi Aage Bardte Raho (Keep moving forward)  

Peechche Murdke na Dekha Karo (Never look back)  

Zindagi Tareeqe Se Jeete Raho (Live life in a proper way)  

Sonch Samajhkar Paise ke liye Kaam Karo (Work for money with cleverness)  

Jitna Hosake Jag Mein Apna Naam Karo (Make yourself as much as popular) 

Koi Roke Tumhe To Rukk Na Jao (If someone stops you then never stop) 

Haraam Ke Paise Kuch Na Khao (Don’t make money illegally) 

Logon Ki Madad Karte Raho (Keep helping people always) 

Dard Mein Bhi Khush Raha Karo (Be happy even in pain) 

Jo Bhi Kaho Achcha Kaho (Whatever you say always say good) 

Dilse Bhi Sachcha Bano (Even with heart make yourself truthful)  

Jo Raasta Mila Tumko Uspe Chalte Raho (Whatever way you get keep walking through) 

Apne Raaste Mein Mehnat Karo (In your way keep working hard) 

Apne Waaste Ye Zehmat Karo (For yourself do this cause) 

Sirf Jeb Apni Na Bharte Raho (Don’t always keep filling your pocket) 

Sab Ka Bhala Karte Raho (Keep doing good for all) 

Jo Mila Munafa Usko Bardathe Raho (Keep increasing whatever profit you get) 

Paise Se Nasha Na kiya Karo (Don’t be proud of your money) 

Sab Kuch Hai To Shukr Karte Raho (When you’ve everything then be thankful always) 

Paise Ki Tarha Na Phirte Raho (Don’t travel around like Money)  

Insaaf Pe Chalo (Be just) 

Insaaf Karte Raho (Keep doing justice always)

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