Amit Shah cheats in Parliament speech for not carrying NRC as NPR in his mind

Amit Shah cheats in Parliament speech for not carrying NRC as NPR in his mind

To stop the protests and over 150 parliament members including Asaduddin Owaisi’s objection on NRC, Amit Shah cheats again. He told that at present NRC across India will not be carried out just to please the Parliamentarians. His intentions are clear as he was pushed back by continuous protests against NRC & CAA. Further, he said nothing about CAA or NPR. It looks as if he can stop the peaceful protests as some foreign countries also passed resolution against CAA.  

BJP is already considered as a cheating party but Amit Shah cheats every time he needs to answer questions upon better governance. Earlier, he also told that Ram Temple will be built in 1 month but nothing happened as Muslims know the reason. Now, Amit Shah cheats with his speech about not carrying out NRC yet he’s focused to carry out NPR. This means that NPR is nothing but NRC and after that CAA will be carried out.  

Amit Shah Cheats as BJP will be in DEEP TROUBLE 

Amit Shah cannot fool people as he wants to do whatever he can with his criminal mind. Protests are still on and will make BJP govt to suffer a lot in the near future.

Indians shouldn’t believe to what Amit Shah keeps on saying. He was regarded as an animal. Anurag Kasyap (Bollywood Filmmaker) also accused Amit Shah as criminal. He said history will spit on this animal. It means that in future Amit Shah will be history and he will be known as criminal and people will spit on him. Future generation need a better & peaceful India. Our children will grow soon and they should find a peaceful India in future.

If BJP continues their divide and rule then what will we can give to our future generations. Amit Shah cheats people with his bad intentions. He’s a worst home minister of India. BJP will be under deep trouble if he continues cheating people. Indians should ignore BJP while they go to polling booths.

Khalid M Raza

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