Madhavi Latha grabbing attention as Joker not serious in election as she should be says KTR

Madhavi Latha grabbing attention as Joker not serious in election as she should be says KTR

KTR, a prominent spokesperson for the BRS and a noted politician, has recently made comments criticizing Madhavi Latha’s approach to politics, likening her public demeanor to that of a comedian or a joker. According to KTR, her focus should be shifted towards more pressing issues such as local problems, infrastructural developments, and job opportunities for the locals, rather than engaging in acts that seem theatrical and trivial. Yes, Madhavi Latha grabbing attention as a joker and she’s not serious in elections as she have to.

Elections are no fun. Nothing to gain, but to serve the people. You’re a servant of the people as a politician, not as a person to misguide people to make them laugh and win it. That’s a bit.

In his address, KTR emphasized the necessity for discussing substantial issues like equality and fostering unity within the diverse cultures of Hyderabad, instead of highlighting divisive religious topics. He argued that her antics do not contribute to solving the real problems faced by the people but rather, distract from the critical issues that need attention.

KTR questioned Madhavi Latha grabbing attention by suggesting that her actions seem disconnected from the actual needs of the people of Hyderabad. He challenged her to define her goals clearly and work towards resolving the tangible issues that affect people daily.

Moreover, KTR pointed out the absence of any significant response or contribution from BJP during the floods that wreaked havoc in Hyderabad, suggesting a lack of concern or action on their part in times of crisis. This contrast was used to further question the priorities and effectiveness of their political agenda in the region.

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