My heart will welcome you

My heart will welcome you

Come in my heart & in my dreams

I see you in thoughts & in my feelings  

You’re so fascinating as I’m obsessed for

I admire your love for me addressed for 

Each passing day without you

Makes me to think about you 

Don’t leave me alone

Listen to my tone  

Reply me for I wait

I’ll keep open my gate  

All you can do is unknown

That’s not what I can do alone 

It’s petty to be away from you

For I cannot see impromptu  

Come live in my heart

Stay in me as a half part  

Both of us should be together

We don’t need to bother

About our love & passion

About our own garden  

You can live like a King

In my heart you can sing 

Enjoy with me as I’m your treasure

Be with me as it’s my pleasure  

Come to me & join me

For I will be there always free  

What’s gone is history

Don’t create any mystery  

Be able to feel my heart’s matters

I remember each of your love letters 

Be with me always

Come to me as my heart says  

It will welcome you if you come my dear

Come to me in my heart without any fear


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