BJP ignores RSS terrorism as Narendra Modi supports RSS for how long?

BJP ignores RSS terrorism as Narendra Modi supports RSS for how long?

Narendra Modi is life long member of terrorist group RSS. He supports RSS as freedom fighters in his idiotic philosophy as BJP ignores RSS terrorism for how long? Once, RSS banned for reasons of creating violence and much more crimes that needs to be exposed then what? If RSS crimes gets exposed then who will be under trouble? It’s none other than Narendra Modi.

He will succumb with RSS and when investigations carried on then truth will find Narendra Modi guilty. He’s against minorities and needs support from the majority and how long the majority keeps on dancing to his tunes? Narendra Modi needs to understand that India will never benefit from his divide & rule policy.

BJP ignores cases of mob lynching, rapes & atrocities over Indian Muslims. It’s hard to believe any word that Narendra Modi speaks. He says, Muslims in J&K are his brothers & sisters. Further, he claims J&K Muslims are safe. How can the World believe to his lies? J&K Muslims are under curfew since Aug 5.

And this is terrible and highly condemned to keep Kashmiris in open jail. They’re suffering with difficulties over atrocities imposed on them by the BJP under Narendra Modi. If he keeps Indian Muslims in trouble for few months more than he needs to be investigated. However, police is with him including CBI. But, this does not mean that law & order in India will prevail under corruption for a long time.

India is a country for people of all religions to live peacefully. But BJP ignores Muslims and wants to carry out NPR in April 2020. However, no one knows the aggression of Muslims if they keep patience then let them live peacefully. If Muslims fightback then BJP only will be blamed and not the innocent Indian Muslims.

Khalid M Raza

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