Christina Koch landed on Earth after spending almost 1 year in Space

Christina Koch landed on Earth after spending almost 1 year in Space

Christina Koch is NASA astronaut. She holds distinction of spending the longest term in space. She landed back on Earth earlier today. Christina Koch returned via Russian space shuttle Soyuz along with two others. Two others are called as follows:

  1. Luca Parmitano of the European Space Agency
  2. Cosmonaut Alexander Skvortsov of Roscosmos

They landed down on Earth at Zhezkazgan, Kazakhstan. She achieved a record-setting stay in space. This achievement made her the second longest resident of the International Space Station. She fell short of 12 days of fellow NASA astronaut Scott Kelly. He had spent 340 days in space.

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Christina Koch holds another distinction as one half of the first all-female spacewalk in history. It was spanned over six hours and included another NASA astronaut and Koch’s fellow ISS resident, Jessica Meir. Koch also performed as many as five more spacewalks. And during her almost one-year-long stay in space, she was applauded for her total spacewalk time. She clocked 42 hours and 15 minutes of spacewalk time.

Koch’s contribution to be forever remembered as an instrumental part of mankind’s space research endeavors. Scientists and researchers still learning the effects of long term spaceflight on the human mind and body. Kudos to Christina Koch from all of us.

NASA is National Aeronautics & Space Administration. NASA provides the best facilities for space missions and achievements. Breakthroughs in Science since decades always attribute to NASA. NASA is a performing unit and an advanced scientific platform.

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