Saturday, December 9, 2023
BJP upset as some BJP MPs to resign after Delhi Elections for Modi downfall

BJP upset as some BJP MPs to resign after Delhi Elections for Modi downfall

If BJP loses in Delhi Elections it would upset BJP a lot. Yes, BJP upset as exit polls favored AAP and it looks if EVM not tampered then BJP will lose. And it will open a new story. BJP always created hatred in their Election campaigns. CAA, NRC or NPR is not only dangerous for Muslims but also for non Muslims too.

Over 180 Million Dalits live in India and they’ll be under deep trouble with CAA, NRC or NPR not only Muslims. Thus, BJP needs minorities from Pakistan, Afghanistan & Bangladesh to vote for BJP after giving facilities.

With Business and work facilities & accommodation including citizenship, they’ll vote for BJP. It will be a big bonus for BJP if at least NPR carried out throughout India and then CAA. Thus, BJP upset over exit polls and then says that exit polls cannot determine the outcome on Feb 11. It means something is fishy.

Narendra Modi still seated on PM seat with the help of votes from Dalits & some number of Muslim voters. He needs 272 MP seats to be able to continue ruling India. But, if secular BJP MPs resign then what? Currently BJP has 303 MP seats. And if all the secular BJP MPs resign then it would be tough for Narendra Modi & BJP.

There are 77 MPs in BJP as Muslims & Dalits. If from these secular MPs at least 35 MPs give resignation after deciding together then BJP gets removed. Yes, BJP upset over Delhi elections and trying hard to tamper with EVM but it’s not possible. However, the truth is that some Muslim MPs also under BJP. And if they and Dalit MPs resign then BJP will fall down. It’s difficult but not impossible.

Khalid M Raza

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