Do Really Halal Chicken served in Indian Restaurants ?

Do Really Halal Chicken served in Indian Restaurants ?

Yes, we don’t bother to know about halal Indian restaurants because we’re used to outside food in any case. We must know about this and why not? Halal chicken not only benefits Muslims but also to the non Muslims. It has so much nutrition that the protein it produces is free from blood. Blood is contaminated & unhealthy. Halal non veg is made out of cutting almost half throat of the animal and leaving the animal for a minute or so. The animal feels no pain but shrugs to disgorge blood and the blood squeezes out from the throat. Finally, within couple of minutes the animal succumbs to the cut on the throat.


Thus, you’ll find the animal meat fresh & with no blood in its body at all. Yes, the meat is fresh and healthy to eat because it’s halal. Muslims have the right to know whether they’re served with halal meat or not? However, all restaurants in India including the Muslim restaurants serve non halal chicken. It’s because they’ve limited time. Moreover, their suppliers find shortage of time and they cut tens of hundreds of chicken in few minutes. They yell and do their work uttering bad words and keep cutting the chicken. Any food served not in the name of the Almighty will not be lawful to eat as per Islam. Thus, looking for halal food is necessary for Muslims.

Which Restaurants Sell Halal Chicken?

Many non Muslim restaurants like KFC, Subway often write that they serve halal food. Yes, if they write halal then you don’t need to worry as they definitely serve halal because they have to. If they don’t write that they have halal food then simply don’t eat from them. The big restaurants do provide halal food as they instruct their workers or suppliers strictly to provide them halal chicken. These restaurants are non other than multinational restaurants. So, it’s better to eat halal food from these restaurants.


However, small & busy food businesses or even medium food hubs cannot provide halal chicken. This is because they need at least 40 kg chicken per day to cook dishes as per requirement. And their suppliers supply chicken to various outlets and in this way they don’t find time. Hence, they ignore to cut half throat of the chicken as they don’t wait for blood to get squeeze out. Thus, it’s unlawful to eat non halal food. And moreover it’s a sin according to Islam and also non halal non veg is unhealthy.

Note: We haven’t done any research on mutton or beef as mostly mutton or beef items are halal in India.

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