How News videos affected content posts to push content News backwards

How News videos affected content posts to push content News backwards

News videos whether on Television or on YouTube are watched more often and get millions of views. The content producers are lagging behind because people want to watch rather than read. However, content benefits many people to read and look into what’s happening as reading becomes a habit.

News videos are so interesting that people watch to know what’s happening in their daytime. But, during nights either they use headphones or chat on WhatsApp and bother not about what’s happening at the moment. Yet, it looks like content readers are highly educated as they read more. And so content producers should produce quality content for them to read content updates as a habit.

Reading habit in the past was utilized to such an extent that people used to read even while travelling. However, today’s young generation keeps mobile phones always handy not for receiving or calling but for time pass. This way content posts viewed less.

We do find people in the Western Countries read a lot even while traveling. But in Asia, it’s like opposite to what Westerners do. Content produced for Western Countries might be useful and can benefit content producers from wherever they create their content posts.

One can understand much better on reading what’s happening in and around the World. However, news videos sometimes irritate you a lot. This is because they keep on repeating what they keep on saying about.

Lot of people from around the World watch news videos but they forget to what they watched sooner or later. But when they read they understand better and remember the post for a long time. Content benefits people in any case while news videos might be boring sometimes.

Khalid M Raza

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