Quality Content helps you generate good backlinks to boost your Blog rank

Quality Content helps you generate good backlinks to boost your Blog rank

SEO experts call quality content as the King because quality content necessarily can generate good Backlinks. Your content should be taken care of using high quality sentences while you write. Each sentence you write must be readable and consist transition words. Transition words keep your readers interested to read your entire article or a news story.

You can do so by creating bit of suspense in each of your paragraph. WordPress always helps you to find out what mistakes you do when you finish writing. So, it’s always better to download Yoast SEO plugin to your Website.

 Shorter Paragraphs of less than 120 words are helpful to keep your readers engaged to your quality content. You can use a small code such as &nbsp with semicolon before each Paragraph to enable rich spacing in between. This makes sense because your content looks great to go through for readers to read your entire article or story. However, if you consider updating to the latest versions of WordPress, then you don’t need to use  

Sentence Length:

Your sentences should be shorter and not more than 20 words. Each sentence should consist of transition words and should be informational. The readers look for good information and they want to get benefited when they visit your Website.

They’ll also be pleased to read other stories published on your Website. Thus, content is King and should be maintained as if you’re discussing something. This will be engaging and helping for readers to know what they’re not aware of.

Your good effort in writing a quality content always matter for the readers of your posts. Do not use more passive voice in your content. The percentage of passive voice in your content should be less than 15%.

If your article or story covers more than 300 words then use Subheadings. Your keywords should be included in one of your subheadings.

 How Quality Content Generates Backlinks?

Most of the bloggers use Google search to experiment about what keywords they should use to produce an article or a story. When they come across your post and if they like your post then they get inspired of your quality content. Thus, quality content is King for them as you create chances of acquiring Backlinks. Your well written article shouldn’t be finished without furnishing in depth information.

Use of simplicity in your content is good. But, it’s always better to write as per your original style of writing. Provide some inbound and outbound links in your content. Your Website have good chances to be viewed more by your competitors. Do not panic because if you keep producing quality content then it matters a lot. Thus, you’ll also gain Backlinks. Once you get about a handful of Backlinks then your rank keeps on improving. You should always read what you’ve written before posting your article live.

Passive voice in your articles or stories should be avoided. Using main words in your sentences as the first few words can keep you away from using Passive voice. The more use of active voice the more your content will be of high quality. Often well established Websites use more passive voice in their content. They know that by ignoring Passive voice they can generate more transition words. They’re the giants of quality content producers because they do invest a lot of money to get their Website on top. Thus, they ignore Passive voice and provide informational content always.

Three Points You Should Know Better

  1. You need to think about catchy headline of your post. If your content is best then it will be wasteful when good headlines aren’t used. Readers come to your posts when they read your attractive headlines. Your posts’ headlines should comply with your quality content.
  2. Share your posts on Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  3. Create a Page on Facebook to keep posting your stories or articles with attractive headlines.

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