Why Google Adsense disabled to your Website even if earnings are good?

Why Google Adsense disabled to your Website even if earnings are good?

Many Websites earn a lot with their passion turning into their good income. But proceeding further to earn more they apply short cuts. The shortcuts might be copying or rewriting content that they find in other Websites. In this process Google Adsense continues to pay you. But, unfortunately even if you’re nearest to the threshold amount then Google does check whenever possible.

If it checks and finds what your Website has been doing then it disables showing ads on your blog. When Google finds out that you’re using bot and other shortcuts to earn more then immediately Google logs you out. This means that ads on your Website disabled and you cannot log in to your AdSense account.

It’s better to earn less than creating shortcuts to reach the threshold as soon as possible. Many Websites do these tricky business but ultimately they get caught. Google punishes them so harshly that they cannot get even their fairly earned money. Thus, it’s important to read the terms & conditions of Google AdSense and play safely. You might be thinking that your shortcuts might work better for you to earn more. No, you cannot do so.

Why Google Takes Action On Your Google Adsense Account?

Google takes action upon your Website because it does not like to deceive its advertisers. You’re the publisher to Google and your AdSense account is free of cost. But what about those, who pay Google a lot of money? Google takes out some small portion of their money as it deducts and the rest it credits to your account.

Hence, Google needs to or it has to protect its advertisers as they’re most important contributors to you and Google. So, beware of practicing any type of plagiarism as it’s not acceptable to Google. Be fair and work hard to earn more rather than applying shortcuts. If Google finds invalid traffic to your Website’s ads then it treats it very seriously after analyzing it. And disables your AdSense account.

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