Saturday, December 9, 2023
Shaheen Bagh protests continue with peaceful actions despite BJP hurdles

Shaheen Bagh protests continue with peaceful actions despite BJP hurdles

Delhi to Noida commuters are relieved now as a road connecting Shaheen Bagh reopened by the protesters. What’s more than allowing traffic to travel smoothly even though they’re protesting for their life. Battling hard with continuous protests against citizenship laws of BJP and reaching out with their voices irrespective of religion.

Yes, there are people of all religions protesting at Shaheen Bagh against BJP. It’s like “wipe of BJP and save the Nation”. The peaceful Shaheen Bagh protests continue even after a blocked road since 70 days has been reopened.

Jamia to Noida road has been reopened by the Shaheen Bagh protesters. It’s a gesture for the commuters but traffic controlling is equally important.

Shaheen Bagh protesters did no discussion or spoke to Delhi Police regarding the opening of the roads. They did so on their own for the commuters and the Police currently controlling the flow of traffic in these roads.

Shaheen Bagh protests has been criticized as it was claimed by BJP that only Muslim women protesting. What a shame? People of all religions are united and battling hard despite several hurdles created by BJP.

BJP tried their best to stop the protests but Shaheen Bagh protests are continuously spoiling BJP’s image. The protesters are exposing BJP with their bravery. They all should be given bravery awards as they’re battling hard even though under BJP’s atrocities. BJP used gunmen and several other criminal techniques but failed to stop Shaheen Bagh protests.

This is India and people of all regions stand united and they cannot be misguided by any Muslim or Hindu extremists group.

Khalid M Raza  

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