Sleeping disorders found mostly in Men as Men never find sound sleeps

Sleeping disorders found mostly in Men as Men never find sound sleeps

Insomnia is the most common sleeping disorders among many types of. Here, mostly Men are affected with different types of sleeping disorders compared to Women. Men try their best to sleep but surrounded with thoughts over what needs to be done the next day. Mostly, Women get sound sleeps because of their well maintained schedule.

Sleep apnea is another sleep disorder including other types like narcolepsy and hypersomnia. Hypersomnia is common in Women because it means excessive sleepiness at inappropriate hours. Yet, Women are less affected with sleep disorders than Men. Sleeping sickness or disruption of sleeping cycle is due various causes.

Causes of Sleeping Disorders

Heartburn is one of the major causes of sleep disorders. It’s associated with acidity because of indigestion etc. Diabetes can cause sleep disorder but it affects both Men & Women. Mostly, Men with diabetes find tough to go to sleep whenever they want it as a routine. Women also find it difficult to sleep during their suitable time because of diabetes.

Apart from various diseases causing sleeping disorders, there are numerous psychological disorders that affect sleeping cycles. It’s better to consult a psychiatrist rather than a physician or psychologist if your sleeping cycle is disturbed.

It’s easy to eat tasty food at late night and sleep but this way is improper because you gain weight. Weight gain can result in you getting affected with many diseases. Some, might be very serious and it’s better to walk for about thirty minutes after having your dinner. Otherwise sit for an hour after having dinner then you can hit the bed.

Sleep is necessary as it can give you healthy life. But how many hours of sleep is required? Yes, a minimum of 6-7 hours of sleep during the night will be sufficient for your entire 24 hours. It’s important for you to develop a sleeping routine. And start doing it until you’re aware what suits you best to get sound sleep.

It’s always good to switch off all the light in your bedroom. And it’s better to sleep in your dark bedroom without any light. This way, you’ll get enough rest to wake up early in the morning. If this doesn’t work for you then consult a good doctor. Don’t be afraid of visiting a psychiatrist if you’ve sleeping disorders.

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