BJP is team of terrorists finds experts to say BJP leaders create violence

BJP is team of terrorists finds experts to say BJP leaders create violence

The World knows not with Majority but most of the Countries around the World say BJP is team of terrorists. Excluding the Gulf Countries BJP is most hated govt of India as Foreign Media claims. Experts and Foreign Media also revealed a lot of facts connected to BJP’s crimes. The terrorism was termed as mere mob lynching and many more terror incidences ignored.

Violence is a subject of terrorism and BJP is team of terrorists and cannot do justice by inciting hatred among masses. BJP keeps on talking about Pakistan but the terrorist party never knows that Pakistan is developing in leaps & bounds.

Today, Bangladesh posed a threat to India as India’s values defeated by the neighboring Country. The GDP and Economy of Bangladesh is much better than India. And this happened under the rule of BJP govt. It’s time for Pakistan to defeat India in whichever way possible but Pakistan is not against India and wants good relations with India. But, BJP prefers hating Pakistan with the intention of pleasing Indians.

Further, Pakistan knows that India will create another fake Pulwama and attack Pakistan to claim favor from secular Indians. But, secular Indians subjectively hate BJP.

Pakistan is well equipped with defense systems and can fight against India as they did earlier in Balakot. The Balakot battle was won by Pakistan and India was a failure.

The use of Israeli arms not helping India as Pakistan boosted their sound technology of weaponry even further. Thus, India is afraid of attacking Pakistan to go through with War and please secular Indians.

Hence, BJP is confused as what it needs to do for gaining support from Majority of secular Indians. Facts will be disclosed soon when Supreme Court of India reacts justly and also claims BJP is team of terrorists.

Why BJP is Team of Terrorists?

Firstly, BJP uses Pakistan every time they do hate speeches. Without involving Pakistan their hate speeches will not conclude. India wants progress in many sectors but BJP pulls India back acting as if they’re bothered about India’s progress. But, BJP keeps creating violent incidences and abuses Women in India.  

BJP claims that India will be under threat as Muslims will takeover and become Major leaders in the Country. This is not possible because Muslims in India are divided and do not have unity and they’re very few. The percentage of Muslims in India is below than 18% and BJP cannot kill all the 18% percent Muslims. But, they can insult and attack Muslims to please the Majority in India.

They’re doing atrocities over Muslims just to make only their few followers get pleased. The Majority of Indians know that BJP is team of terrorists and this is the fact. People cannot ignore the terrorism carried out by BJP. Thus, BJP will be wiped off from India soon.

Khalid M Raza

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