Amit Shah falls down over criminal acts as justice to act against his acts

Amit Shah falls down over criminal acts as justice to act against his acts

Amit Shah falls down with his citizenship laws as all Indians are slowly getting united. Delhi crimes of Amit Shah falls on the feet of Indians. And he is no more able to start the process of his citizenship laws. He’s supposed to visit Telangana State in support of his acts. But, he will be stopped to do so. Amit Shah falls down and that will trouble BJP and Narendra Modi. BJP will be wiped off and it’s good for India to have a different govt.

Let’s not forget that Amit Shah told earlier that NRC or NPR will be completed by 2024. But it has been reported that BJP will not last any longer than 2022. Bihar elections will again see Amit Shah falls down with yet another defeat. It’s important for us to know that BJP will no longer rule India after 2022 year ends. This means that BJP is under deep trouble. In another report it was claimed that Amit Shah will be pushed to give his resignation.

But, it’s unlikely because of his joint partner Narendra Modi. Modi is following what Amit Shah keeps discussing about. Both are playing their roles to please the majority. But the majority of Indians are subjectively against BJP.

People of Telangana State know BJP very well and how they plan and do crimes. So, it’s time to know the rise of the fall of BJP. Importantly Amit Shah & Narendra Modi are worried and speaking upon other matters. They’re believed to be speaking on matters rather than issues. Narendra Modi spoke today on scientific developments in India. He ignored major issues and it leads to the fall of Amit Shah soon. And BJP will not control Indians in majority as the protests keep growing.

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