Saturday, December 9, 2023
Amit Shah used Ram Temple, article 370 in Odisha election campaign lies

Amit Shah used Ram Temple, article 370 in Odisha election campaign lies

Amit Shah used Gujarat model in Odisha election campaign after praising the people in Odisha to support BJP. He addressed the public meeting with his long speech of lies. Amit Shah compared BJP’s five years against oppositions 55 years. He spoke on behalf of Narendra Modi and wanted people to praise abrogation of article 370 and more. Amit Shah used his speech with lies and tried to get favor from the people of Odisha. He also claimed that Odisha looks same to him like Gujarat in his campaign of lies.

Amit Shah compared the progress of Gujarat with the progress of India on bringing Citizenship Laws. Mr Shah argued that CAA benefits all Indians. He looked speaking all lies. He told that he and Narendra Modi always speak truth. “CAA is of giving citizenship and not of removing citizenship from Indian Muslims”. He said it with the intention of fooling the people of Odisha. He shouted “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” and raised “Vande-Mataram” slogans.

Mr Shah said that minorities in Muslim countries were forced to accept Islam and so they landed in India. That’s why BJP wants to give Indian citizenship to these helpless minorities. It means he spoke only lies in Odisha. He’s playing same tricks as BJP played earlier in Jharkand. But BJP lost their respect in that State by losing to JMM.

“BJP within five years created millions of jobs and obtained 5 Trillion economy”. BJP progressed India in all the sectors”. He said. Further, Amit Shah told that Modi is giving huge amount to Odisha in quick time. All lies heard and made the people to be confused. Youth in Odisha are jobless. Mr. Shah highlighted Muslims in his speech as his brothers and sisters. This again raises many questions.

Khalid M Raza

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