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Electricity tariff hike plays on minds of TS people as another disaster

Electricity tariff hike plays on minds of TS people as another disaster

Chief Minister of Telangana State announced that electricity tariff hike will take place from next month. “Too much hike of prices are only worsening to meet the two ends of our daily life. And now comes electricity tariff hike for what? We request the Chief Minister KCR to feel the pains of the people of Telangana State. And allow the people to breathe easily. People of TS are currently affected with price inflation and joblessness and much more.

The CM comes with hike in electricity expenses in the midst of ongoing protests against CAA, etc. What’s more hurting than keeping people suffer with rising prices”. Said a few Socialists.

They went on to argue that Delhi is paying less for many facilities provided to them. And the poor people are benefited there with free electricity and free water.

Why not TS govt understand the hardship of Telangana people? It’s just unacceptable and it’s baseless to put people under financial problems anymore. Youth in TS are fighting to claim jobs and the govt hiked prices of various commodities. How can any family survive by shelling out extra money to pay electricity bills. Electricity is indispensable in the season of summer and the hike hurts a lot.

People can’t do protests against the electricity tariff hike as they’re more bothered about citizenship laws. People are confused as they never know whether they should protest against CAA or against hike in electricity bills? The Chief Minister of Telangana State used this as a trump card to play with. People endured price inflation already. But how long they should bear with continuous rise in commodity prices and then continuous expensive electricity. Yes, this step of electricity tariff hike is highly condemned.

Khalid M Raza


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