Maria Sharapova to keep zero Tennis life in her 28 year long Tennis career

Maria Sharapova to keep zero Tennis life in her 28 year long Tennis career

Maria Sharapova announced on Feb 26 about her tender intention to keep Tennis out from her life. She said good bye to Tennis, finally. The World’s no 1 Tennis star and 5 time Grand Slam Champion has been switched off from her teasing career. Her Tennis career included her refusal to the accusation of drug abuse and much more. The Queen will not be seen more at the Tennis Courts. But her passion to live an enjoyable life will continue.

However, once she was banned for drug abuse when she was proved guilty. Yet, she made stars out of nowhere as millions used to watch her play Tennis. And followed her as ardent fans and also some of them reached new heights in Tennis. Maria Sharapova regarded as the Global sports star to benefit Kids on large scale.

And they chose Tennis as their favorite sport. Thus, the inspiring beauty of Tennis has to say few last words for saying good bye to her favorite sport. Until 2016, Maria was the highest paid female athlete. She’s still hot and glamorous. Maria is so attractive that people always feel the heat whenever they get glimpses of her.

Sharapova has won millions of hearts allover the World. Her crazy fans are mostly from Asia. She did her best to entertain the crowd. She always played under full house stadiums. People cheered her to win and watch her play. She used to expose some parts of her body and that favored Tennis as crowd puller.

Maria Sharapova is a businesswoman along with modeling as her another work. Her glorious career made her World famous star and as the most searched lady. She had undergone with ups and downs in her entire 28 year long career.

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