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Story: Sad Journey Ends – eBooks – Best Lyrics -Poems and much more


“Sad Journey Ends”, is a story written taking care about the mishaps that often lead to new relationship. Those are the relationships that happen on a one side basis. Here, the lead female is Anne and she finds Ram. Ram is the handsome lad, who helps her for a period of being with her for 7 days. Anne is the beautiful slim and fair lady of 24 years and she looks keen to find the solution to her problems.

During Ram’s closeness with Anne, Ram falls in love with her. The love hits Ram hard after Anne leaves him as he realizes he cannot live without her. The end of the sad journey leads towards the end of the story. There’s all interesting incidents in this story that can make you feel that it’s not over yet. Adding spice to the script is the fightback by Ram to conquer Anne. He tries hard to find her and meet her but he meets someone else and that’s the beginning…


Chapter 1 

24-year-old lady Anne travelling in train and as the train slows down something shocks her for a moment. She is so beautiful and well-dressed that people around her train seat keep looking at her but she ignores all that’s happening around her. A miscreant ignores her beauty fortunately for her. But snatches her baggage and all the stuff she had and jumps out of the train and flees away. Her co-passengers also get shocked to know that she got robbed and show their sympathy not that much as she looks tight lipped but in worries.

Sad & Tense Story

One of the passenger takes action and brings the police, who were sitting idle beside the train driver. Police comes to see Anne and she was assured that the miscreant will be caught and they will recover her baggage etc. and handover to her. 4 hours get passed by and nothing happens as Anne already also lost her passport, which was in her purse along with some money and jewelry. She’s tense now.

Sad Story Begins

A couple of hours later, someone sitting near to her in the train offers her something to eat. She refuses and waits patiently to arrive at Mumbai. Mumbai is not her native place and she is from Hyderabad and from Mumbai she has to take a flight to Dubai. Alas! She lost everything including flight ticket and importantly her passport. However, she was desperate to leave the train and visit a nearby police station there even though the police in the train assured her of recovering what she lost. Before stepping out of the train at Mumbai station, she approaches the police in the train by her own this time.

The Support & The End

Police couldn’t do much at that moment and they tell Anne that she should report her matter to a nearby police station. Shrugging off with her tense mind of what bad experience she had, she moves on and inquires to find out a nearby police station. The guy to whom, she asks about the location of the police station notices that Anne seems to be in deep trouble. So, he asks her as such what has happened to her by introducing himself as Mr Ram. Knowing that Ram supposedly as a nice person, she discloses her story abruptly and to get help through him.

Ram wants to help her and takes her to his home to make her feel relaxed for a while. There at Ram’s home, his parents also come to know about Anne and they too feel sorry about her. At Ram’s home, Anne was told to do breakfast and have some tea and then take rest in a room that was not occupied by any person. She finds some peace in the room being alone and takes rest. Later, they take her to the police station and a complaint was lodged there.

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