Hadook – Interesting eBooks for all – READ FREE at – In Hand Writer

Hadook – Interesting eBooks for all – READ FREE at – In Hand Writer

Well, with two brothers and two sisters, Mr. Hadook is so happy to live a normal life. Hadook has so many special powers within him. His siblings though older to him want him to become famous in the World. They try hard to convince him to use his special powers and become World famous but he, to them used to listen not. They know that he can easily fly high without wings. He can see what’s behind the wall or anything opaque becomes transparent for him. His love for a normal life never ends but.

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Truly Hadook is different from others. As he lost his parents when he was an infant, he wants to spend more time with his siblings. He’s a strong character though he never uses his supernatural skills on to the washroom wall or door as he can see what’s behind the wall. So, he wants to live a simple life even though he uses his supernatural powers for 10 minutes everyday just for fun. He entertains his siblings and keeps them have fun rather than take all the credit that he deserves. He used to say all are equal and: “I’m just blessed with the powers of flying and I can see what’s behind the wall but one day I will die. So what’s the use to become famous in this world?“. This is ridiculous! Why Hadook never thinks like all, who wants achieve something at least!

Resistance will End… but

Hadook’s friends never know about his supernatural powers but his siblings love to disclose or reveal. But he stops them from doing so. They try hard to convince him for they want to become richest in the world. He never listens to them. This goes on and on.

How Hadook finds fun?

Hadook is 17 year old teenager and finds fun in his studies. He wants to become a doctor. He works hard and never uses his supernatural powers to pass his exams. Hadook always finds a 10 minute time everyday to have fun as he uses his supernatural powers for a 10 min fun everyday. “Don’t knock the door too many times as Anne is sleeping in the room”. He says to his brother Cliff when he see’s him knocking the door of his sister’s room.

His brother Cliff retorts: “Anne is sleeping so early in the night?”. “Yes”, says Hadook. So, Cliff goes back to his room and calls Hadook, says: “Look, over that wall and tell me what Mike is doing in his room?”. “Oh he’s playing with his dog”. That’s the reply from the superior youngster with special powers. “Thanks!”. Says Cliff and calls Mike. And all the four play carroms including Mary (their another sister). Each one of them have two year difference in age. Youngest is Hadook. And not to mention too much about him right now.

Cliff is the eldest brother and then Mary, Mike, Anne and Hadook as the last one. They’re nicely engaged in many activities as friends, which matters a lot because they’ve unity in between them. They do what pleases them more and live a happy life until some years passes by.

The Efforts…

Many folks close to Hadook, never able to know the special supernatural powers that he possesses. Only his siblings know. And they keep on convincing him to show the World about his powers to become World famous. He keeps on listening not to his siblings and the battle goes on.

One day, while playing soccer with his friends, Hadook’s left leg was injured because of running fast and falling down. Everyone says that maybe he fractured his foot because of the bleeding, they think so. But, he stands up and walks slowly (limping) towards his home. They say “hey don’t walk! let’s go to a hospital and get your foot fixed. He says: “No I’m fine and I just need some rest”. However, his friend calls Cliff and tells him that Hadook has broken his leg. Cliff storms into his home and finds his brother calm and sitting on the chair.

Cliff says: “Hey what happened dear. What I heard is right or are you fine?”. “Yes, I’m perfectly fine and there’s no fracture in my foot”. “How did you know?”. Says Cliff. And then understands that Hadook had seen what’s there inside with his special powers and Cliff takes a sigh of relief.

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How to Look Forward…

Anne desperately wants to leave her country of birth, Nigeria, where all her siblings were born while their parents were from USA. And they all not so settled in Nigeria, which is not a developed country. Anne wants to go to United States of America and work there as her siblings will also proceed to live a better life. Their parents were from USA but due to some reason they migrated to Nigeria. All of them own Nigerian citizenship. Anne successfully convinces all including Hadook to apply for a visa for USA. And then they all apply. Shocking to know that their visas were rejected. The reason was not known to them even though their parents were from USA. That’s not over yet.


Now, all the four wanting to go USA to build their career and very desperate for migrating to the United States. Hadook was still happy to live in his country of birth, Nigeria. But couldn’t see his brothers and sisters unhappy and sad. Anne, Mary, Mike, and Cliff come near to Hadook and four of them want him to do something special. And also for they want desperately to reach USA at least in any way.

Hadook listens them not because he doesn’t want to use his supernatural powers to benefit him or for anyone. Just wants to have fun and that too for 10 minutes everyday. His two brothers and two sisters keep on convincing Hadook. But, he wants them to live happily in Nigeria rather than upset over their USA visa rejections.

Do Something Hadook, are The Words…

Yes, Hadook listens to them, finally. And they all four of them shocked to see the mirror. They couldn’t see themselves in the mirror. “What’s this we’re feeling very light and feeling like invincible?”. Shouts one of them and then all the four try to find out where’s Hadook? He comes and says: “I’ve made all of us as invincible and we couldn’t be seen until I touch my right knee with my left thumb”. “Wow! screams all”. They get set to fly without any luggage with them to the United States from Nigeria. Hadook takes them all with him. Holding all of them each other’s hands, they fly. Wow! within 7 hours they reach USA.

They all five have some fun for few hours until. And then, they realize that they don’t have passports or any other document to show or live a normal life in the United States. Honest Hadook frees all four including himself from invincibility. They all could be seen now to everyone. After a lot of huffs and puffs, they take help from the police. And they report their issues of no legal documents to stay in the United States. Looking at all of them, Police and the concerned Authorities decide to provide them asylum. They start looking for jobs and they all get. They live a normal and a nice life. And they work hard too.

The Conclusion…

A few days later, something strange happens. Cliff’s company, where he was working as a salesman and which is a jewelry shop was attacked. And all the jewelry worth millions of dollars looted. The culprits escape through a tunnel that they already made to enter the jewelry shop (company). Police was alerted and was hunting for the jewelry thieves. This starts to happen in many places and the big theft goes on but the jewel thieves never gets caught. They escape every time they do the crime in a smartest way. Cliff’s boss Harris was upset and Cliff reveals him the story of Hadook, who can make things happen. And if he’s convinced to do so.

Harris finds a way. He meets the police. But they police is busy in finding the thieves, who now start looting the banks too. Everywhere police deployed and Harris finds tough time to engage with the police. Finally, he meets a police officers and explains him all about Hadook. A group of police officers meet Hadook and convince him to do his job as a good deed. He responds and finds out the thieves.

& The End of Hadook…

But, the thieves also have a special skill to go underneath the earth within a couple of minutes after digging skillfully. They’re nowhere, they fought with Hadook and then supposedly absconding. “Wait”. Says Hadook. And he says that they’re hiding underneath that restaurant as I could only see them. “Dig there from the front of the restaurant”. The police then do so.

The fight starts after Hadook finds them. And the thieves get caught and tied in the jail’s room. Police thinks that they can escape even from the jail and so the police chain them. And so Hadook becomes world famous. A hero from nowhere, and his siblings become Billionaires. He never wanted to become world famous and always wanted to live a normal life. So, very sad to say that he cuts his throat and dies. A sad end for him but the most wanted criminals or thieves arrested and the United States becomes a good place for all to live happily. Later, it was found that these thieves were also involved in terrorist activities too.

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