The 48 year old kid – Best From All eBooks at In Hand Writer

The 48 year old kid – Best From All eBooks at In Hand Writer

This book, The 48 year old kid has an interesting real life story. The reality of a person’s life since childhood and much more. It’s more than just a biography of not so ordinary person. It’s the first time you would read a biography like this. A master piece. Beyond everything, it has a unique concept and a clear picture about the lifestyle of the middleclass to rich class. Close relatives still do not listen to this guy and they had planned everything what he’s today. He’s just a dummy for them and he was forcibly stopped to take any decision to build his career.

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Everyone’s career will be built sooner or later but ways are quite different as he wanted more from his creative skills. But they still think they’re right. And the “they” here refers to his 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Including him, they’re 6. He’s the youngest. Yes, all his siblings are older than him.  

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Meanwhile, To Begin With The 48 Year Old Kid

Meanwhile, an expert already said that: “People listen to reply rather than listen you to understand”. A company starts their business to make profits but their business also provides employment opportunities. They try to hire the best staff and they don’t realize that they’re giving people a chance to do something, which is their hiring process, and that keeps them going forward. World has many diseases that makes some people to be corrupt and liars. Some others betray and can go astray.

Most of them are only businesses minded. Still, the World is good place to live if we come forward to help each other and learn from our mistakes. It’s time to learn a lot from our mistakes and if you didn’t get a second chance, every time you failed. Then what? This is just another beginning.   

The 48 year old kid During ‘Childhood’

His brothers and sisters wrote the script of his life. He doesn’t care now. He let things come in his way as things used to come. And for him to accept that his life will be better in some time. He also learned a lot from the circumstances, where in many parts of his life, he struggled, abused, harassed and much more. His communication skills are excellent now. Who cares? Everyone is busy with their own affairs. But he enjoys writing as he worked for many companies, where he used to write good content.

His father passed away when he was just 2-year-old. His Mom brought up all her 6 children. But her decisions were only up to when he was mere 15-year-old. From there, his elder brothers and elder sisters took full control of his life. No, they didn’t harass him except one of his brother, who used to scold him a lot since his childhood. He was a bold child until he grew up to a 10-year-old. And then depression struck him badly.

He was showing symptoms of depression. And he (one of his brother) was responsible for his childhood depression. However, he studied and worked hard in an uncomfortable atmosphere. He wanted to become a doctor. And he was pushed forcibly towards Engineering. And still his elder brothers and elder sisters never feel guilty even though he was good in his studies.

eBook Takes Off from Here…

I will include everything, right from his childhood in this chapter wise book. And it’s interesting and a lesson to learn from.    

Not that everything in this book includes to point fingers at The 48 year old kid, his brothers and sisters. This is so because he’s the youngest. And an old saying in Urdu, which means: “It’s good to be handicapped than youngest of all”. Yes, still he feels this a lot and still he’s experiencing a horrible life at the age of 48. “I’m struggling to find a place in the hearts of my brothers and sisters”. He laments.

So, without too many complaints about them I used him in this book as The 48 year old kid. It’s my own opinion to claim that he’s still a “kid”. And you have many reasons to believe this real life story or find it heart touching or an interesting script.

There’s a reason for me to write this book as I prefer disclosing many things that he went through and he still experiencing a struggling life. “An unavoidable battle for some time, which would be won if I keep fighting”. Says, The 48 Year Old Kid. It’s all fun to write this book because I’m enjoying while writing this book. It’s now or never for me and so in quick time I want to complete this book. However, I have lot to say, which makes me feel that he’s still The 48 year old kid. Kids also are welcome to read this book, The 48 Year Old Kid.

The 48 year old Kid is an Adult but…

Let’s see how The 48 year old kid would be worth to read or not. It’s a silent claim that would not hurt the sentiments of this guy’s brothers and sisters because what I’m writing, he knows very well. A hidden journey disclosed for you to read more…                

To begin with the first chapter is more about his childhood and about his teenage. In his early school days of 3 years as an infant and then as a child, he was very bold, and smart in every action. He used to take part in many activities whether fighting, teasing, or any other school games. Not to forget his studies, where he was good enough to impress his teachers.

However, he used to copy one of his brothers, and as he liked his macho style he wanted to be like him. His face was similar to the latter. Earlier as mentioned about him that he was responsible to input depression to The 48 Year Old Kid in childhood. Yes, since the age of 10, he was suffering from depression and he was good in only one subject until class 10. He was harassed bullied and troubled just because he was silent, his classmates used to make fun of him.

Teachers used to call him silent hero. However, they didn’t noticed his hidden talent completely. But he used to read books like how to make friends and so on. “Yes, I didn’t know that I was suffering from depression. But, I loved my brother a lot even though he used to scold me frequently. I tried my best to live peacefully”. He says.

And More…

“I was good in playing chess, which was the only reason for me to smile”. Says The 48 Year Old Kid. Suddenly after reaching class 10, he started working hard and he got first class marks in the 10th standard. From there he decided to become a doctor, which was his ambition as he used to notice his mother suffering from some ailments. And it was his childhood dream.

And because his other brother, who used to like him a lot, who also started studying medicine (MBBS) to become a doctor. He says further: “I thought his books would help me to study easily without purchasing some more medicine books. But all my brothers and sisters opposed to my decision of becoming a doctor. They thought I’m the youngest and so it would be good if I enjoy my life while doing engineering”.

But… Attention Please

But he was desperate to fulfil the ambition of becoming a doctor. And they forced him towards engineering, which hurt him a lot. And a second wave of depression hit him harder after he got a good rank in the entrance test to study engineering. This happened because he used to spend 20 hours in his studies, every day. No one were monitoring his hard work. Brothers used to tell him that “don’t worry, it’s examination tension”, whenever he told them he was physically and mentally not fit and couldn’t speak to anyone for more than a minute.

They ignored his difficulties, and he was left alone. However, his past and present are very interesting though everything of the past is history now.

“I had my first best friend, who was a girl when I was four-year-old. I still couldn’t figure out whether I fell in love with her or not but I used to visit her home along with her after my school. The school was near to my home and her home. It was nice time for me before my childhood depression, which haunts me a lot. At my age 6, I was moved to another school and there I did so many naughty things.

And I was in the attention of everyone including my teachers. I was very strong in my childhood before the age of 10. I had to go with my two other brothers in bus to the school until I reached 11 years of my age”. Quietly says The 48 Year Old Kid.

& Then

“Thereafter, I was afraid of going to school all alone by bus. I used to stand at the bus stop for an hour or two, missing buses one by one. And then I used to return home after knowing that my eldest brother left our home for his college. I did so by knocking at the window, which was at the back of my mom’s room. And I used to ask her:

“Did he’s in or gone mom?”. She used to say “yes, he left”. And I used to enter my home and have whatever fun I could have. But, it looked boring for me every time after a few days spent this way. So, I then used to resume going to school and this used to happen frequently.

And it was obvious because I was still in mild depression, and I couldn’t find during that time a way to stay at home all the time”.  

Regrets Another Short Incident

Then he started taking his studies seriously when he reached 14 years of age. And from there he wanted to become a doctor. And he worked very hard. He got first class marks in my 10th standard. And he was appreciated and at that moment he still had depression. He asked his friend after checking the result that how we should celebrate our success, hesitantly. He was happy that he also got first class marks and he was also his neighbor.

However, The 48 Year Old Kid continues to say: “I started running back to my home and I ran very fast to say my family members that I got first class in 10th standard’s final exams. But, I reached home and a few days later, one of my elder brother got a very good rank in the entrance exam to study medicine. Everyone were so happy and celebrated a lot…

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& The 48 Year Kid Goes On Saying…

Many guests visited our home. And they noticed that I was quite during that time but this was so because of depression. And as the news spread in my locality that I ran fast towards my home after checking my result of 10th standard, they thought I was unhappy over my brother’s success. Yes, they were wrong because they misunderstood me. My brothers and sisters also misunderstood me as they thought I was happy for my own success and I was not so happy for my brother. He went on to become one of the best doctor according to my wishes and my prayers for him always with him. He has reached new heights and he still wanted me to stay where I was staying”.

Earlier, in the 7th standard exams, he also studied much better. In, his English exam he was given a seat to write the exam under the sun. He felt something uncomfortable and he in anyway completed his English exam. However, he went home while tears flowing from his eyes or you can say he reached home in a state of worry after his English exam. “My family members thought that I didn’t do the exam well instead of asking me that can help them to know exactly what happened. But they told me; “don’t worry”. Also they told me that it was just an exam, which would be written again”.

Read More About Him “Saying”

“And as I was in mild depression I couldn’t explain them or clear their doubt. They (siblings) were in a state, which was enough for them to let me mind my own business and they used to think that I was not good in my studies”.

The Tragic Beginning Of The 48 Year Old Kid

“The result of my 7th standard have come and I scored 78% marks in my English exam, which they didn’t realize. I went home after writing the English exam in a tearful weeping condition because of the heat of the sun, where I wrote my exam under the sun.

They felt I was worried that I would fail in the exam. It didn’t happen as they expected as I got good score in the result of that exam”.

What Next, Suggested…

That period of his life passed away and his brothers and sisters used to have group discussions in one room.

Before entering their room, where they used to be discussing and having fun, I always used to feel that whether I should join them or not? I used to wait for couple of minutes at the door in hesitation. They knew that I was just at the door, and they used to wrongly taunt me because they keep saying, “look he’s listening quietly what we’re discussing”. Later, I realized that not even a youngest child like me will be spared if things go bad, everything goes bad. And this used to hurt me a lot. I was left isolated from all the five other than my mom.

I endured lot of my pain during my childhood because I couldn’t say a word or two, which kept me hurt as I can’t speak or be a part of group discussions. There were lot of incidences, where at sometimes I was happy and at sometimes I was abused and left alone. I started counting the days one after the other to grow up. And still I think I’m the 48 year old kid. It’s always a do or die situation for me even now. Do you want to read a complete interesting story. Just review my short books posted on Amazon. I will definitely motivated to write or complete this story. And this book will be a bit longer than what books, I published on Amazon. Review Here Itself…

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& More…

I’m working on to bring joy in my life, which would be my close ones’ defeat over what they think about me. That’s not shrewd because I don’t have to prove them wrong but at least they should understand a bit about what I’m up to. Nobody can look inside the hearts of anyone to know how they’re; “good, intelligent or correct”. My point here is at least people should know that if a man fails in one subject for once then if he works hard he can pass the subject in his second attempt.

My close ones or my siblings never understand that I learn a lot from my mistakes. They live in the past. And I don’t blame my past because of that I’m writing this book to learn and move forward. I don’t care if this books fails to impress my readers as I think there’s another chance for me to write another better book than this one. However, I’m enjoying the time I’m spending to write whatever I remember.

As early as I turned to a 14-year-old, I found myself in frustration in front of the mirror. I saw my thick moustache and I was shocked to see that because of my depression, which made me to think something strange about myself. Straight away, I plucked my moustaches away. And I was in a sorry state or a state of bother.


I thought: “how come I’ve become old? What’s the reason for me to leave my childhood without enjoying much of my childhood days, where I wanted to grow up as soon as possible? But not this way, how could I live, looking matured and with nothing for my tongue to move in front of others”. I was in need to figure out what’s next best thing to do. And I started working more hard in my studies.   

More On Youth Life Of The 48 Year Old Kid

Some more about my youth days, where I was told to enjoy my life as much as possible. This was so because I suffered severe depression while I was about to do Computer Science engineering. A severe headache caused me to shout because it was uncontrollable for me. I never thought of committing suicide even though the pain was unbearable. In any case, there’s a treatment for every kind of disease.

And so fortunately, I was admitted to a hospital and I was recovering slowly. I was in medication, which kept me in drowsiness until the afternoon of every day. However, I used to wake up early in the morning and used to take a bus to go my engineering college to attend classes of computer science subjects. In the classroom while lecture was going on, I used to be yawning a lot due to the drowsiness. So, I slowly used to leave the class and go up in the terrace of my college. And there I used to sleep.

This used to happen for months and my exams used to be missed because of shortage of my attendance. I was demoted to repeat my first year of engineering. I realized, I have to work hard. And for working hard I want something good for me in my engineering college to encourage me attend classes and resume my studies. And so, as I was in medication, I told few engineering girl classmates one after the other.

Ha Ha Ha What During Teenage, The 48 Year Old Kid Was…

I told each one that be friends with me so that I would come college regularly and work hard. It sounds weird to me, which I told them. Yes, the girls also found it weird at that time even though I realized very late that I wanted to make a girlfriend just to attend college and work hard in my studies, which each girl I spoke to thought as weird and laughed at me. And why not?  

More On My Businesses…

I started a unique business of footwear, where repairs and cleaning of shoes along with some footwear sales for our customers. And footwear services for other businesses like hotels used to bring good profits for me. The idea clicked and it was successful. But, the location has to be changed because of one-way road. It wasn’t of any interest for my close relatives because I studied engineering earlier.

So, in order to do good in my business field, I went to UK to study business management and wanted to gift my business to one of my brothers to manage it while I was away or in UK. He showed no interest in my offer. And I have to limit my business for my cousin as he was interested to operate the business on a door to door service. Yes, I went immediately to the UK, as soon as I got my student visa. There I worked very hard in my studies. And there’s lot to write about my life in the UK, and beyond. If you do comment below, I would most likely to finish my story in a short time, you will know me better and understand how life changes each year. Also learn about my success story. Do please let me know.

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