Muslim scholars say Muslims need patience of spreading peace politely in India

Muslim scholars say Muslims need patience of spreading peace politely in India

What’s much needed for a good human being or a good Muslim should be discussed more say Muslim scholars. Muslims shouldn’t be afraid even if their homes set on fire. They should be afraid when they couldn’t tried their defensive measure. Muslims will be guilty if they show arrogance in their speech. All Muslim politicians are advised not to create hate speeches or incite hatred.

Muslim scholars only want Muslims to react in the way what Islam demands from them. They cannot react hatefully to what happened to the Muslims in Gujarat and other parts of India including Delhi. Politeness and defense are the most important aspects of Islam. But, meekly surrendering to get killed is a crime.

Try to defend yourself from the enemies. Islam always spreads through politeness and through peacefulness. So, it’s required for Muslims to do the duties with justice and do not bother about what may happen tomorrow.

Thinking for the good of our India for proceeding towards progress is required. At the same time, it’s not necessary for any politician to speak hatefully. They’re our leaders and what they speak will be recorded as our voices.

Hence, all Muslim scholars want the Muslim politicians to speak politely and never try to speak for inciting hatred over any party. Let BJP do whatever they want to and whatever they want to speak but Muslim leaders should mind their own business. BJP will listen to the peaceful protesters and peace will definitely win over violence.

This is what Islam teaches the Muslims. They should struggle for existence rather than worrying about oppressors. And to struggle is called Jihad. It also means to refrain from bad habits. So, let’s understand what the word Jihad in Islam means first.

Khalid M Raza

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