Auto driver arrested was conspiracy to keep Hyderabad people afraid

Auto driver arrested was conspiracy to keep Hyderabad people afraid

The most brave people in the World are the Hyderabad people and at the same time too much lazy. Helpless auto driver arrested for his audio clip, which was made by him to create awareness. The clip whatsoever never had any words spoken about inciting violence. He only told to the Hyderabad people or Hyderabad ladies in particular to keep large quantity of Chili powder. His audio clip overnight become viral and he also never anticipated that to happen. We would not take his name as everyone knows he was a poor Muslim auto driver. He was young and about the age of just 28 years.  

His family is still in trouble because he used to make money through driving auto. One cannot make money through creating audio clips for WhatsApp users. At the same time it was a conspiracy say experts to make Hyderabad people afraid of forwarding any message. Neither WhatsApp sees your message nor any third parties as WhatsApp is already encrypted. But it would be better if police knows WhatsApp messages and are aware of what’s happening on WhatsApp. It also benefits the police to stop criminal conversations. But WhatsApp never gave any authorities to reveal what’s going on in WhatsApp to anybody.  

We belong to today’s modern generation. And we condemn that if anything wrong happens to innocents on minor things then who’ll be blamed? It was not a crime that the auto driver did but he did his best not to incite violence. And he spread awareness only for defending purpose. However, it’s not likely that Hyderabad will be attacked as entire World including India is focused over COVID-19. We want justice to play smartly as well. And innocent auto driver arrested should be left free to continue earning his livelihood.

Khalid M Raza

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