Saturday, December 9, 2023
Ram Temple construction delayed over demolished Babri Masjid as BJP worried over what?

Ram Temple construction delayed over demolished Babri Masjid as BJP worried over what?

Babri Masjid was demolished decades back and under the BJP govt, it was the Supreme Court, who favored BJP. The Supreme Court allowed BJP for Ram Temple construction. And Amit Shah declared that Ram Temple will be built as soon as possible. He was accused by BJP supporters for Ram Temple construction delayed over demolished Babri Masjid. The delay has raised many questions.  

Andhbhakts of BJP govt are the blind followers of Amit Shah, Narendra Modi and support the BJP govt. They were told time and again that a sky high Ram Temple construction will carried out soon. But, Amit Shah also deceives their supporters and keeps his promises unfulfilled. Muslims were quite after the decision of Babri Masjid went in favor of BJP.

Now BJP needs to answer their blind followers as soon as possible otherwise they’ll open their eyes. Thus, BJP has been defeated again and again as the promises even in support of their supporters continue to fail. However, BJP pleased their supporters earlier with abrogation of article 370 from Kashmir. Then, BJP carried the process of NRC in Assam and then they kept on creating violence.  

It’s again keeps the blind followers of BJP under confusion as huge money was wasted in Assam NRC. And BJP is afraid of Ram Temple Construction because of some unusual things keeps happening at the site. But, it’s believed that Ram Temple in Ayodhya might not be constructed as BJP needs to be defeated. It’s so because how long the lies can rule over the facts or truth. The truth will win finally.

Khalid M Raza

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