Katrina Kaif refuses to attend wedding of her ex even if invited

Katrina Kaif refuses to attend wedding of her ex even if invited

It’s all happening in Bollywood. Marriages, WhatsApp chatting, talk shows, cancellation of Film shoot etc. Some of the couples are singing the tunes in their own ways as they’re creating suspense. Tinsel Town top lady Katrina Kaif refuses to attend wedding of her ex. No. he’s not Salman Khan to be precise.

The couple much talked about these days is the would be lifetime partners. They’re Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor. So much buzz has been created with this pair and so many gossips are still going on. Many Bollywood news channels giving too much attentions to the marriages and breakups.

But no official announcement made about the possibility of marriage between Ranbir and Alia. The relationship between Ranbir and Alia is so close that they’re able pretend and avoid discussing about their marriage date. Yet, Katrina Kaif refuses to attend wedding of Ranbir and Alia even if she’s invited.

Bollywood channels creating stories from nowhere and coming up with incomplete reports. Just to create something out of nothing but the fact is something else. When Katrina was asked to choose to attend one of the two marriages that might happen on the same day. She preferred to answer diplomatically.


Katrina Kaif refuses to attend marriage of the couple, who’s not so dear to her. And that couple might be Alia and Ranbir. In anyway what will happen when Ranbir gets patched up with Katrina and Alia Bhatt will be left alone? So, Bollywood real life stories are more interesting than the Film scripts. Yes!

Khalid M Raza

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