Children born not because of your wishes but with blessings of Almighty that BJP IT cell should know

Children born not because of your wishes but with blessings of Almighty that BJP IT cell should know

BJP IT cell is active since a long time to call Muslims as the most worst people in India using the words “Breeders”. Shocking to know that “BJP followers with two children pay taxes to feed 12 Muslim children of a family”. It’s a rubbish claim as most of the Muslims in India have not more than 3 children. But there are many such extremists, who blame Muslims for whatever they do. Also there are many educated ignorant people in India. They do not know that children born not because of their wishes.

Almighty blesses the couple with children or the couple live their entire life seeking to have at least one child. The “decree” here should be understood. Even if you wish good things for your family, you’ll not get those because man never knows what’s good for him. Only the Creator of the worlds knows better that such is good for you and so and so is bad for you.  

You’re not the creators of your children

In India during the past people used to kill their girl child and prefer to be happy over their male children. However, it’s also according to Islam that if you wish to have no children then it’s not a major sin. Your wishes are your wishes only. But the Almighty creates a child whether male or female with your sexual intercourse. You do not have the right to create a child as soon as possible or to have male children only. You’re not responsible if you cannot conceive a child or you have more children.

The Almighty will take care of your children and children whether male or female are the blessings. This way, children born not because of your wishes but with the wishes of the Creator.  

There are Millions of people on Earth, who want to have children but were deprived and live childless lives. In the Ancient times in India people used to curse the woman only if she never delivers a child. It’s wrong and it’s according to science that women aren’t responsible for not giving birth. Still people want to have male children because male children will be their caretakers in their old age. It’s wrong notion and should be condemned.

Female children are equally precious as the male children, which Islam taught some Indians as it spread across India.

Know More About Children Born Not Because of Your Wishes:  

BJP IT cell used to blame Muslims that Muslims have more Children and non Muslims have less or no children. Children born not because of your wishes but with the blessings of the Almighty. Can you say with guarantee that you’re going to have a child after you had sexual intercourse regularly for months? No, it’s not likely that you would bear a child even if you work hard for this.

So, in this case you can adopt an orphan and train him or her to be a good person according to your wish. It’s good to know that even though you want to have more children you cannot have unless with the blessings of Almighty.  

Use of contraceptives can stop childbirth. But at the same time you never know that you’re responsible for not conceiving children with your planning. The best planner is the Almighty. The English proverb very well says that, “Man proposes and God disposes”. Yes, if you don’t want to have children then you can use contraceptives and your wishes to not bear children will be fulfilled. Your wishes will be fulfilled if those are for your own good because only Almighty knows what’s good for you. And what is bad for you.

A bit More…

Every living being including birds and animals depend on Almighty for their provisions. They do get their needs fulfilled but they should at the same time work hard over their provision. Even if you work hard for a successful life with all your efforts you’ll end up without tasting success in your entire life. However, some will have a great future if they work hard and some will never find success.

It’s so because the worldly life is of least importance and is very little. It’s like drop of water against the ocean of the hereafter. The life after death is unending or endless. So, do good deeds and learn that man cannot do whatever he likes to do. And always remember that children born not because of your wishes dear BJP IT cell.

Khalid M Raza

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