Corona Virus tests might result 1 positive case out of every 100 tested

Corona Virus tests might result 1 positive case out of every 100 tested

Expert doctor clearly explained the threats of Corona Virus tests. You need to understand Corona Virus first. Google it and don’t worry but you need to read more.


Hospitals are isolating the Corona Virus patients and treating them in such a way that they’re dying out of fear. The medicines given to the positive patients of Corona Virus are the medicines used for treating Malaria patients.

No animal has been used in the research of testing the medicines of Corona Virus to find the side effects. Well, the side effects of the medicines like Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin drugs might cause deaths. There’s no vaccine of Corona Virus invented or discovered yet. So, people might not die with Corona Virus but they’ll die out of fear.  

So far, old age people and people with other diseases supposedly ending their lives out of fear from Corona Virus. The people with diabetes, etc., when found affected with Corona Virus then with ineffective treatment in Hospitals they’re suffering. And they’re succumbing to the fear and unwanted actions found in these Hospitals. People are only dying of Corona Virus if they’ve other diseases as well.

So Corona Virus tests not required right now. What about the poor people? Poor people in India are suffering in isolation if they’ve Corona Virus as their families will not get benefits. Again, it’s so because one each of all the poor people are the bread earners of their families. If Corona Virus tests taken place on the poor people in India then you can understand the impact to their families.

If you experience symptoms of Corona Virus then it’s better to remain at homes. And drink fruit juices and eat half spoon of Kalonji twice daily and avoid visiting the Hospitals for your checkups.

Khalid M Raza

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